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Written by Owner – Adam Beach

The Truth

Lets be honest you decided to click on this link for one ofrepparttar following reasons:

You want to improve your golf game (score). You were intrigued byrepparttar 144235 prices we offer compared to Name Brand equipment. You want to finally have a set of irons or a driver that is custom fit to your swing. With that being said, I want to tell you that you have come torepparttar 144236 right place, and our Buyer's Guide will help you in ALL of those areas. And lucky for you it will not be inrepparttar 144237 typical complicated jargon that most Fitting guides are arranged in. This will be in a straight forward step by step process, that will have you on your way to a better, more enjoyable game in no time.

The Problem(s) Golf is actually a simple game our brains and golf magazines just make it more complicated then it needs to be. The majority of golfers haverepparttar 144238 same problems that need to be fixed. But most of us come torepparttar 144239 solution inrepparttar 144240 wrong manner. We tend to think that if something new comes out it must be better and thatrepparttar 144241 higherrepparttar 144242 price onrepparttar 144243 equipment you buy meansrepparttar 144244 betterrepparttar 144245 equipment must be. Then we tend to blame ourselves when that $1200 set we purchased does not lower our score.

We want you to remember thatrepparttar 144246 Pro shop salesmen that sold you your set has most likely never built a set of clubs and most likely does not know whatrepparttar 144247 specifications ofrepparttar 144248 Pro-line shafts are. The shaft isrepparttar 144249 motor, and who wants to buy a Lexus with a Yugo motor underrepparttar 144250 hood?

The Solution Whetherrepparttar 144251 problem you are having with your game seems to be simple or complicated. It most likely can be fixed by looking at your present game and equipment from only a few different angles.

You could feel like you haverepparttar 144252 best swing inrepparttar 144253 world andrepparttar 144254 following variables could be killing your game. Club Head Style, Shaft Choice, Shaft Length, Grip Size and Flex arerepparttar 144255 major components to properly fitting a golfer and if ONLY ONE of these variables is not matched up to your swing you could be in for a nightmare of bad habits to come.

Take only a few minutes out of your day to look overrepparttar 144256 following Self-Help Guides and we promise that you will not only improve your game but you will be becomerepparttar 144257 most informed golfer on your block.

Club Head Style

Did you ever say to yourself, “I don't feel like my swing is that bad, why can't I still break (80,90,100).” Well if you do then CLUB HEAD STYLE might be one of your problems.

Technology has come a long way, so if you are still playing irons that are 5 years old or more you most likely could benefit fromrepparttar 144258 advances in new iron head construction. Here are some ofrepparttar 144259 variables of a head that have an impact on makingrepparttar 144260 game a little easier forrepparttar 144261 average golfer. Click on each title for how each one can help your game. Yes, we know this is a lot of information for justrepparttar 144262 first section but take it step by step and let it sink in a little.


Offest isrepparttar 144263 amountrepparttar 144264 face ofrepparttar 144265 club sits back fromrepparttar 144266 hosel, this aids in helping reduce a slice with your clubs. Generallyrepparttar 144267 better golfer you arerepparttar 144268 less offset you want. However this is not always true. For some reasonrepparttar 144269 better your score getsrepparttar 144270 less you start likingrepparttar 144271 look ofrepparttar 144272 iron head sitting that far back fromrepparttar 144273 hosel. It is a hand control issue more then anything else. When you feel like you arerepparttar 144274 one actually in control ofrepparttar 144275 club you want there to be less and less offset on your new sticks. But for a Mid to High handicap player offset can be a MAJOR factor in making solid contact more often. Andrepparttar 144276 best analogy I can give you is if you were a baseball player would you rather haverepparttar 144277 feeling of hitting a home run or a broken bat single. Solid contact plays a major role in ditance and accuracy control. So if you are constantly having that broken bat single feeling with your irons you might want to consider going to a head with more offset.

Perimeter Weighting

You might have noticedrepparttar 144278 trend inrepparttar 144279 cavity design of new irons lately. Irons in past years had more ofrepparttar 144280 weight behindrepparttar 144281 impact area ofrepparttar 144282 cavity. Today's irons have more ofrepparttar 144283 weight towardsrepparttar 144284 perimeter ofrepparttar 144285 cavity. This is what is called PERIMETER WEIGHTING . If you always hitrepparttar 144286 ball dead center perfect, you would want a small sweet spot and no perimeter weighting so you could put as much physical mass directly behindrepparttar 144287 impact point ofrepparttar 144288 ball. This would make a very long shot. However, if you are off — even just a millimeter — your shot will go astray. By having an iron that is perimeter weighting you are maximizingrepparttar 144289 forgiveness of your irons. So unless you play 4 to 5 times a week you most likely do not hitrepparttar 144290 center ofrepparttar 144291 sweet spot 100% ofrepparttar 144292 time. Therefore you might want to considerrepparttar 144293 amount of perimeter weighting you need on your irons.

Sole Width

Sole width is another factor when considering your next iron set purchase. Put simplyrepparttar 144294 largerrepparttar 144295 mass on your ironsrepparttar 144296 easier it is to be grabbed in a tighter lie out ofrepparttar 144297 rough. A narrower sole is easier out of tight lies and wider soles are easier from plush lies. That is why we tend to recommend a mid to wide soled iron and more blade style wedges. The majority of your wedge shots are going to be from tighter lies or you might have to carry a bunker and still be able to stop it quickly onrepparttar 144298 green. So for your SW and LW you might want to consider looking in our wedge section and choose from a more traditional shaped wedge.

Heel to Toe Length

This iron attribute is more cosmetic then anything else. But it does affect forgiveness. Some players likerepparttar 144299 look of a more compact iron, although a longer heel to toe design has a larger effective hitting area. So if you arerepparttar 144300 kind of golfer that is looking forrepparttar 144301 maximum amount of forgiveness you might also want to consider a longer heel to toe design.

Face Height

Face Height is similar to Heel to Toe length. If you are looking forrepparttar 144302 most forgiving iron you should take face height in consideration.

SHAFT CHOICE Shaft Choice isrepparttar 144303 most important dynamic to improving your present game and equipment. We know that you are hearing this a lot lately, but this is one statement your buddy is right about.

Most recreational golfers think that flex isrepparttar 144304 ONLY thing they need to worry about in regards to being fit properly. You don't know how many times we getrepparttar 144305 guy saying, “Give me x-stiff in my driver, and he hitsrepparttar 144306 ball 175 yds offrepparttar 144307 tee. Orrepparttar 144308 guy that says, “Well my buddy saw me swing and he said I need stiff.” First things first, don't listen torepparttar 144309 buddy who just read a “Golf Digest” and thinks he'srepparttar 144310 golf guru, but still shoots 20 strokes worse then you do. I personally think that custom club builders arerepparttar 144311 most knowledgable inrepparttar 144312 business in regards to being able to properly fit a golfer. That is our job, to properly fit and build irons and woods to a golfers swing. Pro Line shops are there to sell equipment and have most likely never built a club . So we would hope you would call someone in our field before having “Harryrepparttar 144313 Hacker” giving you a backyard fitting.

Ok, enough ofrepparttar 144314 rambling by us lets get down to how we are going to help you become not only a more knowledgable golfer but a better golfer as well.

Gymnastics: Injury, Prevention, Treatment – A Brief Overview

Written by Murray Hughes

Gymnastics: Injury, Prevention, Treatment – A Brief Overview

In every sport--not just gymnastics--there standsrepparttar risk of injury, no matter how adept or flexible your gymnast happens to be. The sport requires a lot of psychological and physical preparation, in part because it is extremely rigorous, and in part because it demands a higher level of skill than most other sports. The complexity that routines entail increasesrepparttar 143971 risk of painful injury and fatigue if proper preparations are not taken to ensure all-around safety.

The most common injuries torepparttar 143972 body are those torepparttar 143973 ankles and feet,repparttar 143974 lower back, knees, hands, and wrists. These can be due to overuse or simple stress. The lower body injuries are generally because of unbalanced landings, whilerepparttar 143975 back experiences strain when insufficient stretching has been performed. Scrapes and bruises are to be expected, even if your gymnast is properly attired -- so simply be prepared. Any injury to a gymnast’s body can be detrimental to his or her performance inrepparttar 143976 future. Stiffness can result from lack of use of a limb or ofrepparttar 143977 back if he or she is put out ofrepparttar 143978 game for too long--that is, ifrepparttar 143979 injury is serious. Forrepparttar 143980 most part, as a parent, you will have to deal with less serious injuries (hopefully), and you will not need to visitrepparttar 143981 doctor’s office to have them treated.

In any case,repparttar 143982 best course of action is indeed prevention. The standard safety measures in any sport are simple and easily implemented, most especially for gymnastics.

First, you will want to make sure that your gymnast wearsrepparttar 143983 proper clothing. If he or she has long hair, tie it back, braid it, or otherwise secure it. Do not allow them to wear clothing that is too loose or baggy and conducive to tripping;repparttar 143984 same goes for socks and shoes - nothing that will cause them to slide on a nonporous surface. Remove all jewelry. Rings, for instance, can be caught on swelling fingers if one is sprained. Earrings can be torn from earlobes or carteliage in a mishap.

Then, make sure that you and your gymnast takes stock ofrepparttar 143985 surroundings. Wires from equipment can trip or cut; running into poles or other gymnasts can be a disaster. To trip on a mat that is higher thanrepparttar 143986 current surface might be painful.

Next, have them warm up. Warmups are vital to any sport, and every gymnast, whether they are a preschooler or a professional, should do them before starting any strenuous activity. This includes jogging, speed walking, and stretching -- anything to getrepparttar 143987 blood moving andrepparttar 143988 heart pumping. Believe it or not, a good stretch decreasesrepparttar 143989 risk of a strained or pulled muscle, and it actually feels good. If you’re training with your young gymnast at home or otherwise on your own time, it’s advisable to be a good role model and join them in their warm-ups. Turn on some music and move too. It’s a triple plus: you’ll be showing her or him how to properly warm up, that you are interested in what they are doing, and you will be getting your heart rate going strong too.

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