Buyer Beware! Purchasing Fat Burners and Other Supplements Online

Written by Paul Crane

Each month I receive hundreds of e-mails from consumers who have been bilked out of their hard earned dollars by unscrupulous supplement / fat burner manufacturers. Manufacturers who have added them to monthly recurring billing cycles without their permission. Manufacturers who don't honor their money-back guarantees, and, while providing a 1-800 number for refunds, but don't hire a real, breathing person to monitor this number. These manufacturers treat their customers with disdain, and in general, regard them as little more than sheep who need to be parted from their money.

The vast number of complaints I receive involve products marketed almost extensively via...

i) radio advertisements

ii) internet e-mail and advertising campaigns

iii) television infomercials

These products tend to be marketed by companies who do not have a regular presence inrepparttar marketplace. These companies like to make this sound like a good thing (i.e., "exclusive T.V. offer!", and "this product is not available in any stores, so order now!"). However,repparttar 131181 opposite is generallyrepparttar 131182 case. Why? Selling viarepparttar 131183 'Net, T.V. or radio makes it very easy forrepparttar 131184 manufacturer to...

a) avoid accountability torepparttar 131185 customer

b) continue to sell an inferior product to a receptive audience

To further outlinerepparttar 131186 issues, let's create an example scenario with fictitious companies "X" (which will sell its products in stores), and company "Y" (which sells online).

Suppose company "X" creates a new fat burner product with a full money back guarantee. They sell it in local marketplaces through well-known retailers. Suppose you come in torepparttar 131187 retailer and purchase that new fat burner. Four weeks later, in accordance withrepparttar 131188 label guarantee, you bringrepparttar 131189 empty bottle for a refund, feelingrepparttar 131190 product didn't live up to your expectations.

A quality, customer focused retailer will refund your money right away, no questions asked (if they don't, make it clear you'll be taking your business elsewhere). That retailer will then demand their own refund from manufacturer.

What's my point here?...

1) Inferior quality products threatenrepparttar 131191 local merchant's credibility, and their ability to do business withrepparttar 131192 local audience. After all, no merchant who claims to have your best interests at heart while flogging an inferior product can stay in business for long.

2) It is impossible for any manufacturer to avoid accountability inrepparttar 131193 local retail market. If a product yields too many refunds,repparttar 131194 local merchant will have to stop selling it. That's because that merchant needs your repeat business for his/her other products. Ifrepparttar 131195 merchant does not treat you well, s/he losesrepparttar 131196 risk of losing ALL your business. Regardless,repparttar 131197 bottom line is thatrepparttar 131198 local retailer has to stop ordering fromrepparttar 131199 manufacturer.

3) Products that generate lots of refund requests are much more work forrepparttar 131200 retailer than ones that do not. Merchants will not carry such a product for long.

OK, now forrepparttar 131201 other side ofrepparttar 131202 coin.

Suppose company "Y" creates a new fat burner (covered by a 100% money-back guarantee) and markets it via infomercials, radio ads, andrepparttar 131203 Internet. Suppose "you" purchaserepparttar 131204 product, and later try to get a refund when you findrepparttar 131205 quality ofrepparttar 131206 product unsatisfactory. Here's where things get interesting...

Unlike your local merchant, who needs to keep you happy to earn your repeat business, company "Y" knows it is unlikely to ever hear from you again. So it makes it as difficult as possible to obtain a refund. Its 1-800# plays an endless loop message for 45 minutes. It's nearly impossible to get a real human being to talk to.

Fat Loss For Good

Written by Dr. Alan Jenks

So you want to lose weight? In my practice, losing weight is a common question among patients. They want to know my opinion, what I would do if I were going to lose weight. Everyone has an opinion, and a lot ofrepparttar time I think they want to hear if my theories fit with theirs. The last couple of years I have seen a trend of people trying to getrepparttar 131179 latest and greatest quick weight loss strategy or ideas. The push usually comes inrepparttar 131180 spring because we want to look good inrepparttar 131181 bathing suit forrepparttar 131182 summer. Everyone is getting a little more anxious and willing to do a lot less to lose weight. Fat loss has become a huge topic, and libraries and bookstores are full of information. How can you really get torepparttar 131183 real information, when at times it feels like weight loss is on information overload? First, weight loss does not have to be difficult. There has to be a conscious effort to make a lifestyle change. You must want a lifestyle change to become healthier and vibrant. You need to start taking a more proactive role in educating yourself on how to lose weight properly. I have read hundreds of books onrepparttar 131184 topic and they all have a basic premise. You need to eat right and exercise. These have to be activities that become a daily habit. Also for most of us we have to look at what emotional factors are causing us to gain weight. Stuck emotional habits are probably one ofrepparttar 131185 biggest reasons why most people have tried every diet underrepparttar 131186 sun and still canít lose weight.

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