Buy houses at discount prices

Written by John Whiteside

Buying a house isrepparttar best way you can create immediate equity. Gaining equity through buying a house is something which is very easy to do, as long as you follow these guidelines.

If you are seeking to buy a house under discount value you must haverepparttar 151180 right mindset:

"The deal of a decade comes along about once a week" - Dolf De Roos, Real estate investor.

Houses being sold below market value are out there, its just a matter of knowing where to look andrepparttar 151181 buying strategies you use.

So where can I find houses being sold for a discount?

Find motivated sellers. Some examples of these sellers are people who have experienced death, divorce, bankruptcy,repparttar 151182 less intelligent, people who have deadlines, and are developers.


When bankrupt an individual will haverepparttar 151183 option of selling their house to a third party, most likely at a cheaper price than market value because they needrepparttar 151184 money fast. If an Individual is bankrupt andrepparttar 151185 bank isrepparttar 151186 creditor,repparttar 151187 bank will takerepparttar 151188 asset (the house) and have a foreclosure sale. You will often find a cheap price there as well.


Although this may seem like profiting of someone else's misery, its not really. Ifrepparttar 151189 house is not included inrepparttar 151190 persons will, it must be sold, someone has to buy it. Ifrepparttar 151191 deeds torepparttar 151192 property are transferred to someone else there is often a good chance they will not want to hold onto it and want to sell it quickly.


When couple breaks up things often get nasty and they both want to be separated as soon as possible. They will often settle on selling their house for a lower price but quickly.

Less intelligent:

Sometimes people are selling properties with outrepparttar 151193 help of a real estate agent and will not knowrepparttar 151194 exact value of their house. They will usually price their houses too high because of emotional attachment to it. Onrepparttar 151195 flip side they might be ignorant ofrepparttar 151196 real market value and sell it for less than its worth.


Oftenrepparttar 151197 best place to find deals. People with deadlines need to sell their property quickly. They may be going overseas or needrepparttar 151198 money fast. Almost all people with deadlines will sell their houses at a discount.


In some circumstances property developers may have over extended themselves on a project and need to cut their loses. You can pick up discount houses from their mistakes.

Always ask whyrepparttar 151199 house is being sold so you can determine whetherrepparttar 151200 seller is motivated or not.

Other sources

Great places to look are underrepparttar 151201 classified section inrepparttar 151202 newspaper, look for things like "Urgent" or "Heavily reduced". What I love about ads underrepparttar 151203 classified section is that real estate agents are not often involved. This is good because real estate agents will often try to push uprepparttar 151204 price of a property so it is above market value. People without real estate agents often do not knowrepparttar 151205 true market value of their property.

Just because there isn't a "For Sale" sign on a house does not meanrepparttar 151206 home owner would not sell forrepparttar 151207 right offer. Although chances of finding someone to sell there house through this method aren't very high, you can find great deals by making offers that a home owner might just take.

Payday Loans: Personal Finance Savior Or Disaster?

Written by Joel Walsh

Summary: You need a small amount of financial help fast, but you heard payday loans can be expensive and dangerous. What now? Find out how to avoidrepparttar dangers and reaprepparttar 151179 benefits of payday loans.

Payday loans may be right for you if you need some money for a short time and have no other option. Car repairs, medical emergencies and other unexpected expenses can really strain your finances. Some weeks last longer than your wages do. So you simply borrow enough to tide you over until your next payday.

There are two kinds of payday loans:

1) online payday loans

2) in-person cash advances.

Both kinds of payday loans are convenient, quick, private and easy.

• Convenient: You can apply for an online payday loan using your computer. You don’t have to deal personally with a loan officer when you apply for or request an extension for your payday online loan.

• Quick: The online payday loan takes only a short time to complete and usually doesn’t require any other documentation. Web payday loans are approved in minutes--virtually “guaranteed loan approval.” The cash could be in your bank account within a day.

• Private: You apply for an online payday loan at home. No bumping into nosy neighbors while waiting in line atrepparttar 151180 bank!

• Easy: There are few online payday loan application requirements. The loan amounts are smaller than conventional bank loans sorepparttar 151181 paperwork is less. Generally, you just need to be at least 18 years old, have a job (so you have a payday) and earn at least $1000 a month.

Note: a payday cash advance loan is a little different fromrepparttar 151182 online loan. All you do is giverepparttar 151183 lender a post-dated check or some personal information like a credit card number and you get your cash advance onrepparttar 151184 spot. When you repayrepparttar 151185 loan on payday, you get your check back. Of course, it lacksrepparttar 151186 convenience and privacy of applying online.

Avoiding Payday Loan Dangers

So, what about your friends’ warnings? Yes, payday loans can be quite expensive. Interest rates are high--sometimes as high as 700% a year! You may also be charged other fees. But you can get around these by followingrepparttar 151187 advice below. A little headwork can save a lot of headache.

• Trust only payday loan lenders with good reputations. Remember, you’re giving them personal financial information like credit card or checking account numbers so you want to deal with honest people. Onrepparttar 151188 lender’s website, look forrepparttar 151189 BBB (Better Business Bureau) logo.

• Make sure you checkrepparttar 151190 annual percent rate (legally, you must be told this) and shop forrepparttar 151191 best rate. If you didn't think payday loans could be expensive before, this APR might be an eye-opener, especially when you remember that credit card usually offer 7%-27% APR.

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