Butterfly Releases

Written by Tammy Spivey

Butterfly Releases offerrepparttar viewerrepparttar 137278 chance to see beauty in flight. The viewers haverepparttar 137279 opportunity to experiencerepparttar 137280 beauty of one of nature’s most symbolic and beautiful creations.

The butterfly symbolizes new beginnings and rebirths. What better way to celebraterepparttar 137281 beginning of a new life together than withrepparttar 137282 releasing of butterflies at your wedding. There is an old Indian legend that tellsrepparttar 137283 story of whyrepparttar 137284 butterfly was created. It is often read at butterfly releases asrepparttar 137285 guests make a wish and release their butterflies. Butterfly Releases are both magical and momentous. Every release is unique and special just as every wedding, every anniversary, every birthday, and every moment of our life is unique and special. Each of us has been given a beautiful gift of life that we must takerepparttar 137286 opportunity to experience and enjoy.

Butterflies can be released fromrepparttar 137287 shipping envelopes they arrive in, with every guest having their own butterfly or with onlyrepparttar 137288 wedding party having their own release envelope. You may also choose to have a mass release with all ofrepparttar 137289 butterflies placed in one container. Either option is special depending onrepparttar 137290 effect you are trying to achieve.

Celebrate With Butterflies – The Flying Flowers

Written by Tammy Spivey

Make your upcoming eventrepparttar most memorable ever by adding butterflies to your special day. Butterfly Releases are a perfect way to celebrate all ofrepparttar 137277 important occasions in life. They are wonderful additions to weddings, anniversaries, funerals, memorials, birthdays, holidays, ceremonies, and even corporate events. Sincerepparttar 137278 butterfly symbolizes new beginnings, releasing butterflies is a wonderful way to add a special touch to celebrations. There is an old Indian legend that is often read at butterfly releases asrepparttar 137279 guests make a wish and release their butterflies. Each release will have it’s own unique memories and can become a tradition that is passed down from parent to child. Children and adults alike will marvel asrepparttar 137280 butterflies are released intorepparttar 137281 wild. Sometimesrepparttar 137282 butterflies fly right off and sometimes they linger - maybe to share a special moment withrepparttar 137283 one releasing them.

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