Butterfly Kisses

Written by Marie Williams

“Where hasrepparttar time gone?” I mumbled to myself. “Just when I think I am organized, something unexpected pops up and that does away with my schedule.” Telephone calls, unending questions from my son, and 'honey dos' were just a few interruptions ofrepparttar 126919 morning.

I sighed as I stood at my kitchen window washing dishes and wondered what elserepparttar 126920 day might bring. I was tired, andrepparttar 126921 day had only begun.

I watched our youngest daughter fromrepparttar 126922 window while washingrepparttar 126923 dishes. She was oblivious to a watchful eye, as she frolicked in a field of wildflowers with butterflies flitting around her. She whirled and twirled as a ballet dancer. Suddenly my flower child sat down, right inrepparttar 126924 middle ofrepparttar 126925 field, blond head bobbing from side to side with music, she alone could hear.

Tossingrepparttar 126926 dishtowel onrepparttar 126927 cabinet, I strolled outside to join my ballerina inrepparttar 126928 field of colorful flowers. She held her finger to her lips to silence me as I approached. Obliging, I eased down cross-legged before her.

Suddenlyrepparttar 126929 most beautiful butterfly lit on her cheek. Eyes wide with wonder, she couldn’t keep quiet another moment. A giggle bubbled from within her, breakingrepparttar 126930 silence. A glorious sound of robust laughter filledrepparttar 126931 air as I joined inrepparttar 126932 celebration of life while caught up inrepparttar 126933 moment.

Face To Face With God

Written by Alma Norman

What would you say to God If you met him face to face? Would you be eager to see him Or make excuses Desiring to go another place?

Would you have any questions To enter your mind; Like where would you meet, And what day and what time?

Wouldn't it be a humbling experience To meet God somewhere? Would you worry about trival things Like, what to say and what to wear?

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