But I Want it Now!

Written by Julie Jordan Scott

Do you haverepparttar desire in your heart to change professions or take a class or start a business? Isrepparttar 102017 point of stopping is thatrepparttar 102018 divide is TOO significant for you, stop for a minute.

My daughter Katherine is in 4th Grade at Mount Vernon Magnet School forrepparttar 102019 Performing Arts. This past semester she maderepparttar 102020 Principal's List: she receivedrepparttar 102021 highest scholastic level possible. One ofrepparttar 102022 remarkable bits of information I picked up this year as I have assisted with her homework is that within her lessons in Math, there are already bits of Algebra sprinkled intorepparttar 102023 lessons.

When I was in school, we were "all of a sudden" introduced to Algebra in 8th or 9th grade.

We went from no algebra to all algebra.

In Katherine's case, she is becoming comfortable with algebra now so when she comes torepparttar 102024 point of taking an algebra class,repparttar 102025 divide will be quite narrow.

She never looks to me and laments, "But Mommy, I do not know calculus yet!!" It never crosses her mind.

If she ever did, I would tell herrepparttar 102026 reason she does not know calculus yet is because she has neitherrepparttar 102027 skill set orrepparttar 102028 abilities TODAY, though in time she most certainly will. I can further encourage her by reporting that even I do not know Calculus, although one of my goals is to take and succeed in this course of study even twenty years post College Graduation.

ON THE JOB: Getting Along

Written by Joanna M. Carman

At some jobs, you will find that co-workers share personal experiences, problems, and triumphs. In others, co-workers maintain professional relationships, keeping personal talk to a minimum. In either type of work environment, you will need to learn to get along withrepparttar people you work with.

Think aboutrepparttar 102016 difference you would feel inrepparttar 102017 following two scenarios:

1. You work in an office where every time you leaverepparttar 102018 room, you arerepparttar 102019 topic of conversation. Not only that, but you constantly have to defend your work and role inrepparttar 102020 company because your co-workers don’t think you are pulling your weight. On several occasions, arguments have escalated to yelling or fighting.

2. You work in an office where co-workers say, “Hello” or “Good Morning”repparttar 102021 first time they see you. When you have a question, you can find help within your company without feeling any differently about your abilities. (After all, you can’t know everything). And, when things get frustrating, you and your co-workers pull together to getrepparttar 102022 job done.

Who would really want to wake up every morning forrepparttar 102023 first job? Chances arerepparttar 102024 company inrepparttar 102025 first scenario has a high turnover rate and is not producing as it could. Nobody can work to their full potential if they do not feel good about showing up for their job each day.

You are not expected to be friends with all of your co-workers and supervisors. In fact, some employers discourage personal relationships withinrepparttar 102026 workplace. However, you are expected to respect your co-workers,repparttar 102027 company, and it’s clients and guests.

Understand that when a company hires you, they are offering you payment for your knowledge and skills, and your ability to use those skills in collaboration with everyone else atrepparttar 102028 company. You are being hired as part of a team. As part ofrepparttar 102029 team, you are expected to treat every other team member withrepparttar 102030 same respect and professionalism that you expect from them.

How to Show Respect

Here are some easy ways to show your co-workers respect, therefore nurturing a positive and productive workplace: - Smile – As silly as it sounds, a smile helps instantly put people at ease, and makes them want to smile, too. - Old-fashion manners – Take an extra two seconds to holdrepparttar 102031 elevator door for someone you see sprinting to it. Be courteous and open doors, help co-workers carry handfuls of papers, and make a good habit of using “please” and “thank you.” - Listen – When someone is takingrepparttar 102032 time to explain directions or offer you feedback, make eye contact and listen to what they’re saying. Think of how it makes you feel when you are talking to someone while they’re ruffling through papers and grunting an occasional “ah-huh”. - Offer assistance – If you see your co-worker in a jam, offer whatever help you can. Respect them by showing them that you are both onrepparttar 102033 same team. There may come a day that you will need help getting an important project done by deadline. If you have shown this kind of respect to your co-workers, they will most likely show it to you.

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