Busting Online Copyright Thieves

Written by Jim Edwards

How safe is anyone's copyright online?

Well imagine my surprise when I clicked on a website link to discover that someone had not only copied my website to their server - but was selling my ebook and undercutting me inrepparttar process! Some dishonest person operating from Eastern Europe had literally stolen my entire business and I discovered it only by sheer luck.

After some very lengthy and threatening emails I got them shut down, butrepparttar 108196 question remains, how safe is your copyright online and what can you do to protect it?

Traditionally written works have enjoyed copyright protection not only throughrepparttar 108197 rule of law, but also because ofrepparttar 108198 physical difficulty in stealing another person's work. Let's face it, photocopying a 200 page book rates about as much fun as watching paint dry and at 5 cents a page you're talking a quick ten dollar printing bill.

If you steal someone's book, print up a thousand copies and try to get it ontorepparttar 108199 local bookstore's shelves,repparttar 108200 chances of getting caught rank pretty high.

Butrepparttar 108201 online world has changed those rules and physical safeguards significantly. The Internet, email andrepparttar 108202 Web make it easier than ever to steal someone else's work. Withrepparttar 108203 most basic skills and a few mouse clicks, someone can take your book, your website, and along with it weeks, months, and even years of your hard work.

Though intellectual property and international copyright laws apply to online works, enforcement of those laws is expensive and, in many cases, hard to enforce.

Well don't despair, you do have options if you find someone has violated your copyright online. Anytime I find someone violating my copyright, which isn't very often, I take these three steps in rapid-fire fashion.

First, make 100% surerepparttar 108204 other person realizes they have violated your copyright. You can send them a nice but firm note telling them to stop whatever activity violates your copyright. If that doesn't work move on to step two.

The Top 7 Rules of Power Copywriting!

Written by Wild Bill Montgomery

Here arerepparttar top techniques and tricks that today's best copywriters use. Learn them well, remember them always and use them often!

1) Research, Research, Research.

The biggest difference between good copywriters and great copywriters is research. Before you start writing your copy, dorepparttar 108195 work. Researchrepparttar 108196 product or service. Research your (or your clients) product or service. More importantly though, research and study as many ofrepparttar 108197 competitors as you can find for which realistic time allows. Gather as much data on you product (or service) and your market as possible. After researchingrepparttar 108198 gathered material, ask questions. As you studyrepparttar 108199 material, write downrepparttar 108200 questions you will need answered. Believe me,repparttar 108201 more you research,repparttar 108202 more questions you will have. Ask those questions that you have not yet answered in your mind, about your own product or service, or a clients product or service. There is no such thing as a dumb question.

2) Use Adjectives and Adverbs.

If you are a writer or have ever studied writing, I'm sure that your instructors burned into your mind,repparttar 108203 fact that you need to minimizerepparttar 108204 use of adjectives and adverbs. Well, I'm here to tell you that they are wrong...well at least inrepparttar 108205 copywriting arena that is. You don't offer a service; you offer a Quick, Reliable Service. You don't offer a program; you offer a New, Comprehensive Program Package. Get my drift writer? Evenrepparttar 108206 best of writers have blocks. Do yourself a favor. Always have available on your desk, kitchen table or wherever you work, a good dictionary andrepparttar 108207 best Thesaurus you can find. If you don't have those available (or even if you do), here arerepparttar 108208 best Dictionary & Thesaurus sites onrepparttar 108209 web. Do yourself a favor use them!

OneLook Dictionaries Dictionary.com WWWebster Dictionary Thesaurus.com

3) Use Laser-Like Alignment.

The most successful copywriters know that they must keep their copywriting aligned withrepparttar 108210 market niche. Don't generalize your ad copy. When writing copy, imagine your message as a laser beam. Do you want a tight, focused and powerful beam, or a wider, less concentrated and weaker message? Every business has a niche market, and with all marketing functions, your ad copy should be aligned with that niche. The moral ofrepparttar 108211 story; don't try to please everybody!

4) One Testimonial is Worth a Thousand Words.

If you want more ad-punching power in your ad copy try using well-written testimonials. I know many copywriters may be lacking a little in using this technique. Many others will only use them when they are handed to them on a silver platter. Don't wait for one to fall out ofrepparttar 108212 sky, ask for them. Don't attempt fabricating them or asking customers to fabricate them. Make it clear when asking that you want it to come fromrepparttar 108213 heart, good or bad. No rule says you need to userepparttar 108214 bad ones. Don't underestimaterepparttar 108215 power of a happy client. Nothing you can write will be as genuinely sincere asrepparttar 108216 praise ofrepparttar 108217 satisfied customer.

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