Buster the Beloved

Written by Janette Blackwell

“Dogs have owners; cats have staff,” and I have worked for some wonderful cats in my time. The one I loved best was named Buster. Buster had an unusual mind. He didn’t think like other cats; he didn’t act like other cats. Maybe that’s why I loved him so.

We got Buster fromrepparttar county animal shelter. We usually get our cats fromrepparttar 148922 county animal shelter. That way we save a life -- and we’ve gotten some great cats that way. One fall, after our cat had died and left a big hole in our lives, we went torepparttar 148923 animal shelter for a kitten. There were no kittens.

I was about to give up, but my husband Bill kept saying, “That one over there looks good.”And he did. He was about three-quarters grown, grey and white, and had a sweet, hopeful expression on his little face. Also, he was scheduled to be killedrepparttar 148924 next day. There was no time for us to go home and meditate onrepparttar 148925 matter.

We went torepparttar 148926 people in charge and said, “We’ll take that one.”

As we andrepparttar 148927 cat rode home, Bill picked out his name. We take turns naming our cats, and it was Bill’s turn. “We’ll call him Buster,” he said.


“When you’re mad at me, you say, ‘See here, Buster,’ and I’d like to have someone else around named Buster.”

When we got Buster home, he of course had to inspectrepparttar 148928 house. After a look around -- one briefer than that of most cats -- he went into my mother’s bedroom, whererepparttar 148929 sun was shining warmly on her pink bedspread. He jumped ontorepparttar 148930 bed and promptly went to sleep in a patch of sunlight, sprawled out on his back, paws up,repparttar 148931 way a cat sprawls when he’s feeling completely safe and happy.

“Home at last,” he was saying. “Home at last.”


At our house Buster had food available aroundrepparttar 148932 clock, but he must have been hungry as a kitten, because he didn’t think ofrepparttar 148933 other houses in our neighborhood as unfriendly. He thought of them as snack bars.

I later discovered that he got a slice of bologna from Pearl Cesare every morning around ten. He got milk from Bert Pigge shortly thereafter. Then he jumped onto a chair -- Bert had an especially desirable one -- and had a nap.

Buster was a successful entrepreneur fromrepparttar 148934 start.

The other cats welcomed Buster torepparttar 148935 neighborhood by hissing and snarling and letting him know he was in THEIR territory and he’d better get out. Well, Buster didn’t get out. He didn’t even get worried. I don’t know why; he just didn’t.

Then camerepparttar 148936 heavy artillery:repparttar 148937 neighborhood’s reigning tomcat.

I heard a noise like a furious air-raid siren coming fromrepparttar 148938 back yard. I looked outrepparttar 148939 window to seerepparttar 148940 huge reigning black-and-white tom crouched a few feet from Buster, making one ofrepparttar 148941 world’s most menacing sounds. But Buster didn’t seem worried. He listened politely. Then he noticed an autumn leaf spinning down toward him. The wind blewrepparttar 148942 leaf aroundrepparttar 148943 corner ofrepparttar 148944 house, and Buster followed after it, leaping and pawingrepparttar 148945 leaf as it spun.

Betta Fish Breeding Basics

Written by Amanda Fenton

Breeding fish can be quite complicated, but these basics for breeding your Betta fish should help ease you intorepparttar process. The more experience you have with breeding your Bettarepparttar 148718 easier and less complicated it will all seem. Witnessing nature as it takes its course can be fun, exciting, and a true educational experience for people of all ages. Seeingrepparttar 148719 offspring of your beloved Betta spring into action invokes a sense of pride and satisfaction all its own!

Your Betta should be at least five months old and in good health before you attempt to breed. If you attempt breeding with Betta’s that are less than five months old or in poor health you’ll end up frustrated, and your Betta will, too!

If you just bought your Betta from a pet store or had it shipped throughrepparttar 148720 mail, you may need to wait a couple of weeks before attempting to breed. Pet store conditions are usually less than ideal and being mailed is, of course, very stressful and your fish will need some time to get acclimated.

Before you attempt to breed you need to do some conditioning. The water must be clear and as clean as you can possibly get it. You should increase feedings to four times a day and feed as much protein as possible, preferably live bait such as bloodworms.

At least a week before you attempt to breed your Betta you should place them in two separate containers where they can view each other. Allowing them to see one another will usually keep them from being aggressive when you put them in a spawning tank together.

Once you exposerepparttar 148721 two fish to one anotherrepparttar 148722 male may start forming a bubble net atrepparttar 148723 top of his bowl, this is normal behavior. The female will often get stripes on her body and you will know she is ready to breed when she begins to swim as if dancing on her nose; followingrepparttar 148724 males’ every move. Her belly will be obviously filled with eggs. These are signs that she is ready and willing to breed.

Set uprepparttar 148725 tank two or three days before you are ready to beginrepparttar 148726 spawning phase of breeding. You’ll want to keeprepparttar 148727 spawning tank away from all sources of heat or air conditioning, and it should be on a stable surface. Add three to six inches of aged water torepparttar 148728 tank.

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