Business Website Building Doís and Doníts

Written by R.L. Young

When it comes to building your own website for business, there are many things to consider when you build your home page to make it look professional, fast loading and easy to navigate. There are many ways and tools to make your site look good, entertaining and fun to watch, but that doesnít mean you should use them all.

First, using a lot of web graphics, flash, banners and pictures on your home page may make it look fancy or cool; but it will slow downrepparttar loading time extensively. And lets be real here, most people that look at your web page will leave if it doesnít load in 3 seconds or less. Because most people are naturally impatient. If they click on a banner or link that leads to your home page, they expect to see itrepparttar 140752 second they click, all of it. Not too many people will sit there and wait for your web graphics, flash intro, banners or 30 pictures to load. Keep in mind that not all visitors computers will load pages as fast as yours may. Set your screen resolution at 800x600, or at least put a notice on your page what resolution your site is best viewed in, because people hate to have to scroll back and forth to read from side to side.

Second, professionalism inrepparttar 140753 way a home web page looks doesnít usually include distracting backgrounds (use solid soft colors or white), loud and annoying background music or three inch tall caps that try to convince your visitor to buy now or feel like an idiot and lose out forrepparttar 140754 rest of their lives. Fonts should be clear and easy to read and in colors that donít clash with one another orrepparttar 140755 background. And be careful with text, too much is a turn off, people donít need to read a book about your service or product. Donít use colors such as bright red fonts on a blue page, they tend to bleed, blur and makerepparttar 140756 visitor feel like there is something wrong with their eyes.

HTML Encryption from

Written by Philip Smith

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What Is HTML Encryption?

HTML encryption is a method used to protect your website content and source code in JavaScript and Hex Code. Anyone can viewrepparttar 140669 source code of a webpage, but withrepparttar 140670 use of HTML Block it encrypts your source code into unreadable code. Which cannot be stolen, neither edited! Plus HTML Block you can protect other file extensions such as ASP, PHP, JSP, SHTML, and XHTML. If you have not got encrypted WebPages you are at a very high risk of your WebPages design and layout being stolen. Now many people say you can't protect your source code in anyway. Well there are wrong now, as a team of experts have developed a special plug-in which you install on your server which stop's other stealing your code, design and images, this amazing plug-in can only be found at HTML Block. So get your hands on a copy today.

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