Business Promotional Items - How to Stimulate Word of Mouth Advertising

Written by Cindy Carrera

Ifrepparttar promotional items you give out end up inrepparttar 143845 attic or shoved inrepparttar 143846 back of a desk drawer, they are probably not doing what they are supposed to be doing. However, if items you passed out to clients and customers are being seen again and again, chances are, word-of-mouth advertising is stimulating your business.

With media (radio, televisions and newspaper), messages can come and go. But,repparttar 143847 exposure promotional items can give equals longevity. While there is no real scientific way to measure how many impressions an item can receive in its lifetime, we know that it works and ultimately gets well over its money's worth. I used to work at a radio station that passed out license plates. We had a very fun logo- and still after ten years of being onrepparttar 143848 air, they are a sought out item. We began to limitrepparttar 143849 number that were handed out at live action broadcasts, and that drew people to event after event. Everywhere you drive in our area, you are sure to see a dozen or so cars with Froggy 101 license plates onrepparttar 143850 commute. This may draw people to flip onrepparttar 143851 station to see what's playing. Withrepparttar 143852 amount of impressions they get, these 'mini-billboards' sure generate more word of mouth advertising than a real billboard would, for a fraction ofrepparttar 143853 cost. When concerts came to town, we'd haverepparttar 143854 country singers autograph them, and then either give them away or auction them off for charity. Those, which were often bought by business owners, are on prominent display in bars and pubs aroundrepparttar 143855 area. This is just one small example of how word-of-mouth advertising can explode through a small item.

Trade Show Events - Do's and Don'ts

Written by Patty Stripes

You can love it or you can hate it but there is no escaping trade shows in a business environment. If you happen to be inrepparttar Sales and Marketing division in an industry where trade shows are a part ofrepparttar 143826 marketing plan, it is more than likely than not that you will be involved in them sooner or later.

Trade shows have been an excellent forum for generating awareness ofrepparttar 143827 products and services of a company as well as generating leads inrepparttar 143828 short run. If you are an entrepreneur or a sales professional entrusted withrepparttar 143829 task of participating in a trade show, you should consider two major points while choosingrepparttar 143830 perfect trade show booth: Location and neighbourhood. The perfect mix of these two criteria is likely to get yourepparttar 143831 maximum bang for your buck.

o Location is everything. Try and get in early inrepparttar 143832 tradeshows which features regularly in your company's calendar to get good exhibit spots. Corner booths with two sides open arerepparttar 143833 ones which are snapped uprepparttar 143834 fastest. Location is probablyrepparttar 143835 most critical aspect to consider in a trade show and it is really a no-brainer when you recall allrepparttar 143836 trade shows which you have been to as a visitor and have skipped most ofrepparttar 143837 booths placed atrepparttar 143838 end of aisle.

Some ofrepparttar 143839 don'ts while choosingrepparttar 143840 location are:

o Don't chooserepparttar 143841 booth next to food outlets or conference hall entrances as none ofrepparttar 143842 people heading in these two directions are usually interested inrepparttar 143843 booths. They are most likely making a bee-line torepparttar 143844 food court to beatrepparttar 143845 lunch crowd or are running late for a conference. It is a sad sight to see visitors rush past your stall headed

o Don't pickrepparttar 143846 booth near equipment areas or loading bays even if you are getting a two-sided open booth. Need I elaborate this? Audio equipment put near your booth is likely to drown your voice most ofrepparttar 143847 times and nearness to loading bays will result in mostly seeing men in overalls rather than 'real' tradeshow visitors.

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