Business Career, Executive, Life Coaching Article Mechanisms of the Mind (Achieving Success)

Written by Ruth Zanes

Suppose thatrepparttar human mind is nothing more than a bio-computer and thatrepparttar 135512 function of this computer is to get its owner exactly what he says he wants.. The computer mind takes what you say very literally. So, if you say you cannot do something,repparttar 135513 mind interprets that as a command and makes sure you cannot do it. If you say you are confused and don't know what you want,repparttar 135514 mind makes sure you have that experience.

That is whyrepparttar 135515 harder we try to change,repparttar 135516 very things we want to change persist stronger than ever. Think about it. How many times in a day do we give our minds negative commands? We say things such as "this is hard for me," or we complain that we don't have something we want in our lives. Whenrepparttar 135517 mind hears us making these declarations, it hears it as a command, not as a wish it wasn't so. If this isrepparttar 135518 way our computer minds work then we have to find a way to give it commands that get us what we want. Positive affirmations are a way to do exactly that.

There was a time in my life when I used to complain that I knew how to make lots of money, but I could not hold onto it - that I would manage to find a way to make it disappear and thus never seemed to have any reserves. Guess what kept happening? Finally this way of life and "my story" about it became untenable, not to mention scary. Withrepparttar 135519 help of a coach, I began to use affirmations such as "I am a competent manager of my money and make good investments." Or, "I know how to educate myself and take actions that will result in building reserves." I would write these affirmations daily, look at myself inrepparttar 135520 mirror and repeat them every day until I started to really hear them and believe them.

Have You Appreciated Someone Today?

Written by Ed Sykes

I invested some time with Mother recently and drove her torepparttar hospital to visit with her sick sister-in-law, my aunt. While I was standing inrepparttar 135444 doorway, a nurse came by and introduced herself as Ruth and said “hello” to us and said “hello” to my aunt. This put a smile on my aunt’s face. The nurse then introduced me torepparttar 135445 other nurses working atrepparttar 135446 nurses’ station. She let me know that these nurses are hard working and good at their jobs.

I couldn’t agree with her more. Theirs is a very difficult job with no margin for error. In many situations they know and understandrepparttar 135447 patients better thanrepparttar 135448 doctors.

Realizing this, and noticing that some ofrepparttar 135449 nurses looked a little tired, I asked Ruth to bring out allrepparttar 135450 nurses she had introduced me to atrepparttar 135451 nurses’ station. I reintroduced myself and explained that my aunt wasrepparttar 135452 patient in room 518. Then I saidrepparttar 135453 following:

“I would like to thank you for taking care of my aunt. I personally appreciaterepparttar 135454 way you make her comfortable during this difficult time, and I know that my aunt is in good hands. My family, and especially my uncle, appreciatesrepparttar 135455 hard work and care you put into making her better. Thank you again and keep doing what you are doing to make a difference with not only my family, but other families.”

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