Business Benefits of the Web Standards

Written by Edward Clarke

Why your business benefits from adhering torepparttar web standards

Web standards are created to give benefits torepparttar 145805 developer andrepparttar 145806 visitor. As a business, your website must be accessible, usable, attractive and convey a message of trust and professionalism. Getting this right can be both expensive and difficult if done outside ofrepparttar 145807 W3 standards.

Let's look atrepparttar 145808 main benefits of web standards.


Valid XHTML and CSS will ensure that a site is constructed in a way that seperatesrepparttar 145809 content from presentation.

There are huge business gains to be had from this method such as less maintenance, more control, lower costs etc., but importantly, accessible content. Not everyone uses a common browser to accessrepparttar 145810 web and a valid site will mean your information will haverepparttar 145811 widest potential audience.


Semantic markup creates a usable website. We have all seen cluttered sites with no per-page focus, navigation that leads you intorepparttar 145812 abyss and forces URL amendments as well as document structure that makes a web page unreadable and hard to follow. You have a point to make. Every page has a focus andrepparttar 145813 content is clear. Web standards will ensure that people get torepparttar 145814 point of your site, quickly and effortlessly.


We are inrepparttar 145815 21st century and there are now a wider range of platforms, devices and browsers than ever before. More and more people are accessingrepparttar 145816 internet and due to this diversity, building a website by following guidelines isrepparttar 145817 only way to ensure uniformity.

Substantially increased performance

By removing formatting fromrepparttar 145818 markup, you can reducerepparttar 145819 file sizes of your website which means people with slower connections or users from aroundrepparttar 145820 globe have a better browsing experience. Using tables for layout can sometimes treblerepparttar 145821 file sizes as positioning requires attributes to table cells and occasionally invisble images forcing layouts to look "correct". CSS can acheive this and more from a light weight text file that when cached, will not need reloading further increasing performance.

Bad photos turned masterpieces

Written by Florie Lyn Masarate

Taking pictures if you are not a professional is really something you find very difficult and frustrating. Something wrong always turns up. It can berepparttar shot is askew, orrepparttar 145639 focused out of line. And when you finally gotrepparttar 145640 position right,repparttar 145641 picture blurs. These arerepparttar 145642 results you get for spending too much time looking forrepparttar 145643 right picture and giving so much effort in your new found hobby that is photography.

Being a beginner and an amateur photographer is really exasperating. You felt like you tried your best but still have not gottenrepparttar 145644 result you want. Even trying your best does not help either.

In Paint Shop, pictures that did not turn out right can be edited to one’s liking. With its superior features, bad photos can be turned to professional photo styles. This software helps amateur make excellent photos by using editing tools and graphic designs too. Withrepparttar 145645 use of modern techniques and styles, photos that you consider trashing can still be saved to be turned to masterpieces. Pictures that are edited can be printed afterwards to showrepparttar 145646 result ofrepparttar 145647 transformed photo you took.

This is just one ofrepparttar 145648 new software that people can access to that helps them becomerepparttar 145649 photographer that they are not but is wishing to be. Modern machines can now help people be something that they want to be. And do what they want to do.

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