Bush refuses to back down

Written by IndySawmill

Never known to back down from a fight, President Bush is again demonstrating that same non-compromising stubbornness inrepparttar John Bolton U.N. appointment fight.

All of this, even though some conservative senators don't like Bolton and along siderepparttar 144624 democrats, refuse to endrepparttar 144625 filibuster untilrepparttar 144626 Bush administration releases some secret documents.  When asked what it would take to endrepparttar 144627 filibuster, Trent Lott said "...simply forrepparttar 144628 White House to releaserepparttar 144629 documents requested."

What is in these documents that makesrepparttar 144630 Bush administration so reluctant to release them?

Yesterday, White House spokesman Scott McClellan claimed that they have released all ofrepparttar 144631 information THAT THE SENATE REQUIRES. 

"We've continued to make a good-faith effort. The Democrats clearly aren't interested in more information," McClellan said.

Politicians Discover Sex and Violence in the Media -- Again

Written by Scott Baradell

Finally, a subjectrepparttar politicians can all agree on:repparttar 144522 media is bad, bad, bad!

In recent months, Democrats Hillary Clinton and Joe Lieberman have joined two ofrepparttar 144523 Senate's most conservative Republicans in requesting $90 million in federal funds for research on howrepparttar 144524 Internet and other electronic media "affect children's emotional and behavioral development." Clinton called sex and violence inrepparttar 144525 media a "silent epidemic."

Actually,repparttar 144526 epidemic in values-free entertainment isn't silent -- you can hear it blasting out of every radio speaker and cineplex. It'srepparttar 144527 politicians who are periodically silent. Overrepparttar 144528 past 25 years, they have jumped onrepparttar 144529 sex-and-violence bandwagon about every five years or so. Remember V-chips and before them, Tipper Gore?

Hmmm....so why doesrepparttar 144530 problem never seem to get better? Quite simply, it's because a small number of publicly traded companies control most of what our children see and hear -- andrepparttar 144531 business of these corporations is to make money, not shape our children's values.

I don't blamerepparttar 144532 media conglomerates for this. Remember, these corporations are owned by you,repparttar 144533 public. And in a free market system, a corporation's mandate is to maximize return to its shareholders. If you held stock in Viacom, for example, how would you react ifrepparttar 144534 company hired a born-again Christian CEO who announced that he was pullingrepparttar 144535 plug on MTV's sexy rap videos, vowing to make similar changes across other operating units? Well, you might be outraged or delighted -- but either way, you'd dumprepparttar 144536 stock.

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