Bush's Mental Health Program Endangers Children and Will Bankrupt Medicaid

Written by Melissa Gordon | October 20 2004

The story inrepparttar news is that Bush is endorsing a mental health program that will target children in schools for mental health screenings. The commission claims that even though child mental health prescriptions have increased 500% from 1999-2003, they aren't getting enough "treatment". The screenings will be mandatory and prescription drug treatment will be too. That's not all this program does though, underrepparttar 113474 new plan doctors can only prescriberepparttar 113475 most dangerous and expensive drugs onrepparttar 113476 market. The new plan is ironically named "New Freedom commission"(NFC).

TMAP- Bankrupting Medicaid Beforerepparttar 113477 Baby Boomers Even Use It

Bush endorsed and implemented TMAP in Texas and ofrepparttar 113478 22 members inrepparttar 113479 New Freedom Commission, 14 are directly associated with that organization. The New Freedom Act is a fraud. It is modeled after The Texas Medication Algorithm Project (TMAP). An algorithm is like a menu at a restaurant with drugs asrepparttar 113480 choices, if its not onrepparttar 113481 menurepparttar 113482 doctor cannot orderrepparttar 113483 prescription. TMAP takes advantage of foster children, institutionalized people, veterans and prisoners to further drug company profits as well as robbingrepparttar 113484 American tax-payers. It forces state and Medicaid doctors to prescribe super-expensive, dangerous new medications to mental health patients.

TMAP has even persuaded officials into giving Medicaid to people who don't need it so they can affordrepparttar 113485 overpriced medications and by early 2001repparttar 113486 program bankrupted Texas's Medicaid system. Atrepparttar 113487 rate TMAP guidelines explode Medicaid expenses we will be paying an outlandish 3.7 billion a year for schizophrenia medications alone, effectively bankrupting Medicaid nationwide.

Here's an example of a Drug that doctors will be required to prescribe:

Zyprexa This is a new Medication for bi-polar disorder and it costs $6,000 more per patient than older, safer drugs like Haldal according to Yale researchers, Veterans Medical Hospital researchers and FDA trials. FDA Data also shows Zyprexa to be one of he deadliest drugs ever approved, yet our war veterans and children will be forced to use it whilerepparttar 113488 rest of us pay for it. FDA trials for Zyprexa show that 65% of patients dropped out ofrepparttar 113489 trial due to side effects and duringrepparttar 113490 6-week trial 20 deaths occurred, 12 of them suicides. The FDA approved Zyprexa ONLY for short-term treatment of bi-polar individuals.

TMAP mandates that Zyprexa be used for many different disorders for long term use. Hurting our children

TMAP developed a special children's algorithm (drug menu) called The Texas Children's Medication Algorithm Project or TCMAP. The same group of bribed experts decided thatrepparttar 113491 same drugs would be used for children as adults; no facts were needed becauserepparttar 113492 recommendations were made based on whatrepparttar 113493 drug companies told them to recommend.

Drugs TCMAP forces doctors to prescribe to children: (All are brand name)

Zoloft, which is expensive, has a 17% dropout rate in child clinical trials due to intolerable side effects and only has a 10% improvement rate on children with depression and mood disorders. The FDA specifically states that this drug should not be used by persons underrepparttar 113494 age of 18. Seroxat, which is expensive and has been shown to increase suicide attempts in minors. Paxil. This drug is not only expensive but has been directly shown to increase murder, violence, school shootings and debilitating conditions such as brain dysfunction and heart problems in young people. It also increases self-harm and suicide attempts in children. On top of all this British studies show that Paxil didn't improve children's mood anymore than a sugar pill. The FDA said in 2003 that Paxil should not to be prescribed to minors. Serzon. Expensive and has a earned a "black box" warning due to its tendency to cause liver failure and death in adults and children. Safer, cheaper drugs are available but TCMAP maintains thatrepparttar 113495 drugs they makerepparttar 113496 most money on arerepparttar 113497 best choice for children's mental health issues. Bribery In Action

Genetic, Robotic and Nanotech

Written by Robert Bruce Baird

Decision Time: Genetic, Robotic and Nano-Opportunities:

There is an abundance of technological threats and/or opportunities that mankind has before him. Whether or not there is an ethical basis upon which we might effectively utilize these technologies is something that worries many serious students of our species. The head ofrepparttar Club of Rome says we do not even have terminologies for common concepts or words that cross ethnic and cultural borders. (1) Hobbes and other Platonic hierarchy types throughout history would argue that there is no good reason to think mankind can be responsible enough to get over ‘beating his chest’ in headlong pursuit of his ego driven or Machiavellian ‘appeals to base human urges’. (Il Principe)

We can wireheadrepparttar 113473 masses and make them all quite happy but we seem more interested in giving them pharmacological lobotomies according to Breggins and Cohen. We could do whatrepparttar 113474 movie The Day The Earth Stood Still showed alien species had done withrepparttar 113475 robots to enforce peace. We could ensure free access to gene therapy and extendrepparttar 113476 life of all people till they can live to be as old as nine hundred years without parts replacement. According to some researchers this goal will be achieved byrepparttar 113477 year 2070 but it would necessitate changes in reproductive rights unless we are to make a concerted effort to start colonizing space soon. The decisions carry many downsides as well as upsides butrepparttar 113478 discussions don’t seem to be happening and we continue to train people for harmful or soon to be outmoded jobs. This article cannot address allrepparttar 113479 facts or factors but we must startrepparttar 113480 process. Bill Joyrepparttar 113481 Killjoy:

The March/April 2000 issue of Wired Magazine article byrepparttar 113482 noted expert in technology who developed Java and was a founder of Sun Microsystems made more than a little impact inrepparttar 113483 editorial coverage for a few weeks in my local newspaper. He warned us about genetic engineering that could end life on earth without pointing out thatrepparttar 113484 Israelis are trying to target their enemies with a genetic ethnic bomb. Perhaps he was not aware they are working on that but he was a part ofrepparttar 113485 SALT talks. The most important thing he brought torepparttar 113486 attention of readers wasrepparttar 113487 prediction that by 2035 humanity will be redundant inrepparttar 113488 performance of most jobs.

He quoted experts in many fields of endeavor and I agreed with him thatrepparttar 113489 dumping of human memory into sentient robots will not includerepparttar 113490 soul as people like Gary Hillis think. His sometimes debating partner Ray Kurzweil goes further (2) and speaks of even more rapid acceleration of technology. Not long after Joy’s article hitrepparttar 113491 stands we had NEC labs in Princeton, N. J. tell us they measured 300X light speed in a cesium chamber. Then camerepparttar 113492 US Army letting out faster than light information transfer contracts through Mr. Everitt in Durham, N. C. by November of that year. (3) The European attempt to reach Mars includes Ion Propulsion which can accelerate infinitely pastrepparttar 113493 speed of light. Quantum Teleporting was a cover story in Scientific American aroundrepparttar 113494 same time and yetrepparttar 113495 uninformed so-called ‘experts’ often deny many possibilities that relate thereto. I personally believe that a combination of Virtual Reality technology, Holography and nanotechnology will allow a form of time travel for complex systems despite what Hawking said. Hawking said they know time travel exists in small particles.

There are many exciting potentials just aroundrepparttar 113496 corner in many diverse fields that Joy and Kurzweil are not even expert in. Neurotechnology and implants or prosthetics headsrepparttar 113497 list of my personal concerns. When I was an active participant on a Neuroscience forum recently I discovered these people have no moral idea ofrepparttar 113498 implications of their work. Transhumanism (4) and Bostrom’s association that is relatively new already is fraught with fraud charges by other directors. Many of these people actually think it would serverepparttar 113499 universe best if robots replace humans entirely. I can’t arguerepparttar 113500 logic against that perspective when I look at power-mongering and mud-slinging inrepparttar 113501 bureaucracies called democratic in media owned by Synarchists. But I implore people to wake up before it is too late. We must participate and insistrepparttar 113502 technologies andrepparttar 113503 future use of them are done forrepparttar 113504 Greater Good of all life on earth. I agree with George Bush:

I found myself agreeing with Georgerepparttar 113505 Second of America when he pulled out ofrepparttar 113506 Kyoto Accord. This raisedrepparttar 113507 eyebrows of more than a few people I know. I believe he saw that saltingrepparttar 113508 skies with chemicals which would lessenrepparttar 113509 apparent pollution would not kill more people inrepparttar 113510 short term and savingrepparttar 113511 billions of dollars required to implement Kyoto would not take into considerationrepparttar 113512 use of nanobots which soon will be able to clean uprepparttar 113513 pollution and maybe even make money harvestingrepparttar 113514 minerals inrepparttar 113515 process.

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