Bully for prohibitionists

Written by Kurt St. Angelo

Imagine that I wanted you to quit gambling, or to stop smoking something, or to save more for your retirement. I have my reasons, okay? The world would be a much better place if it did things my way. I confront you onrepparttar street while you’re smoking. I threaten you with a club until you put out your cigarette and give merepparttar 113460 rest of them, which I crumble into a trashcan. As I leave, you callrepparttar 113461 police on your cell phone to report me for armed robbery.

The next day, a few of my well intentioned homeys and I confront you again about your bad habit. After we take your new pack “for your own good,“ you report our felonious gang activity.

Overrepparttar 113462 next several days, my gang gets bigger and bigger until it acts like a mob. You callrepparttar 113463 police, but get no action because most of them are sympathetic to my group. Duringrepparttar 113464 next week, my mob grows as big as a political majority, and when you callrepparttar 113465 police department, I answerrepparttar 113466 telephone. I tell you that smoking anything is now prohibited, and that you’ll go to jail unless you quit.

You can barely hear yourself overrepparttar 113467 chants ofrepparttar 113468 self-righteous majority inrepparttar 113469 background. You ask, but how can this be? Last weekrepparttar 113470 police protected my rights to smoke and be free from violent moralists. Today you’re policing me on their behalf. Isn’t it a crime to threaten violence to change my nonviolent behavior or to forcefully take my property? How did you convert my smoking to a crime and elevate your crimes to my solution?

Because I can, I answer. I’mrepparttar 113471 political majority. I have enough voters, enforcers, experts, and judges to say that wrong is right. My use of violence to fight your smoking is moral because enough people say it is. If only enough sinners threw stones, stone throwing would also be right.


On a recent television show, Dr. Phil explained group dynamics to a twelve-year-old girl who was being harassed by some neighborhood girls. He said that bullies are cowards who get their strength only in numbers. He said that some people getrepparttar 113472 courage to do things in groups that they would never do alone.

Reflecting Independence

Written by Terry Dashner

F F C…PO Box 1586…Broken Arrow, OK 74013…918-451-0270…Pastor Terry Dashner

“A Beautiful Declaration” Werepparttar people…

We arerepparttar 113459 people ofrepparttar 113460 United States of America. We’ve come from every kindred, tribe, and nation to this nation—one nation under God. This is a great nation, and we are blessed to call America our home. I was thinking about this today and thought I’d write something to reflectrepparttar 113461 blessing of America’s Independence That’s right—just a word to reflect why we celebrate July 4th.

May God blessrepparttar 113462 celebration of America’s Independence Day.

America’s discontent withrepparttar 113463 British attempts at taxation began inrepparttar 113464 1760s. Americans had rallied behindrepparttar 113465 now famous slogan, “Taxation without Representation.” During that decade of dissent, colonists demanded only that their “rights” as Englishmen be upheld byrepparttar 113466 British Parliament. Inrepparttar 113467 beginning, they had no thoughts of drawing away from England by declaring national independence. That, however, changed afterrepparttar 113468 meeting ofrepparttar 113469 Second Continental Congress, which convened in Philadelphia in May of 1775.

Withrepparttar 113470 continuing Redcoat advances andrepparttar 113471 oppressive laws of King George againstrepparttar 113472 colonists, a pamphlet began to circulate in 1776 that rekindledrepparttar 113473 waning spirit ofrepparttar 113474 patriots. Thomas Paine’s pamphlet, Common Sense (1776), attackedrepparttar 113475 English monarchy and called for America’s independence. These words were fire.

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