Building wood stairs

Written by Dave Markel

Building a set of wood stairs is not nearly as hard as you may think. With some basic wood tools and a bit of algebra you can easily build your own. Of course this can get a bit tricky for stairs with several landings butrepparttar method is stillrepparttar 100101 same.

This article will coverrepparttar 100102 steps for building a straight set of stairs. Chances are if you are reading this then you are still learning and won't be taking on a complex stair anyway.

Now, we will assume that it is from a deck to a concrete pad. The deck is going to be 48" wide and at eye level fromrepparttar 100103 ground.

Tools you will need: 1. Circular saw 2. Framing square 3. Hand saw 4. Carpenters pencil 5. Measuring tape 6. 4' Level 7. Masking tape

You will also need: 1. 3 @ 10' / 2" x 12" boards - Chooserepparttar 100104 best only, make sure they are straight with no check (cracks). Very Important! 2. 2 @ 8' / 2" x 4" boards 3. 8 @ 8' / 2" x 6" boards - Once again chooserepparttar 100105 good ones. These are going to berepparttar 100106 steps so... 4. 1 @ 45" / 2" x 6" boards 5. 1 sheet of plywood @ 1/2" / 8" x 48" 6. Of course, 3-1/2" framing nails and deck screws or nails forrepparttar 100107 steps.

Findrepparttar 100108 overall rise We want to knowrepparttar 100109 exact vertical distance fromrepparttar 100110 top ofrepparttar 100111 concrete pad torepparttar 100112 top ofrepparttar 100113 deck. Take one ofrepparttar 100114 8' 2x4's and rest one end onrepparttar 100115 deck and holdrepparttar 100116 other overrepparttar 100117 pad, Placerepparttar 100118 level onrepparttar 100119 2x4 and levelrepparttar 100120 board. Then simply measure fromrepparttar 100121 bottom ofrepparttar 100122 2x4 torepparttar 100123 pad. Lets say it is 64". This isrepparttar 100124 overall rise.

Now determinerepparttar 100125 overall run Before we can do this we have to determine how many steps we need. So first..

Takerepparttar 100126 overall rise, 64", and divide it by 7.25", which isrepparttar 100127 typical height of 1 riser (step). This gives us 8.83, which rounds up to 9, So we will go with 9 risers.

Important: There is always 1 less tread then risers. Whether you go up or downrepparttar 100128 last step is ontorepparttar 100129 deck orrepparttar 100130 pad. So 1 less tread.

Now we take 10.5",repparttar 100131 width of a typical step, and multiply it by 8. This gives us 84". This isrepparttar 100132 overall run.

While we are doingrepparttar 100133 math we need to figure outrepparttar 100134 exact rise of each step. We simply takerepparttar 100135 overall rise of 64" and divide it by 9 and we get 7.111" or 7-1/8", or close enough to it. So each riser will be 7-1/8".

Time for some layout First thing. Grab your framing square. The long leg isrepparttar 100136 tread (step) leg andrepparttar 100137 short leg isrepparttar 100138 riser leg. Also, userepparttar 100139 numbers onrepparttar 100140 outside ofrepparttar 100141 square only.

Take some masking tape and wrap a piece aroundrepparttar 100142 framing square to establish you rise and run. Mark 10.5" onrepparttar 100143 outside ofrepparttar 100144 long leg and 7-1/8" onrepparttar 100145 outside ofrepparttar 100146 short leg.

Layout one ofrepparttar 100147 2x12's on your saw horses or work bench. WIthrepparttar 100148 long leg of your framing square towardsrepparttar 100149 end ofrepparttar 100150 board start to line uprepparttar 100151 tape marks torepparttar 100152 edge ofrepparttar 100153 board facing you. Once you haverepparttar 100154 square in position markrepparttar 100155 outside edge of it with your pencil.


Written by John Rocco

In our past articles i talked about allrepparttar steps required to properly replace your old wood sash windows with energy efficient vinyl windows. I told you how to measure forrepparttar 100100 new windows. Then we discussedrepparttar 100101 removal ofrepparttar 100102 wood sashes and parting bead. Finally, i told you how to install, seal, and trimrepparttar 100103 vinyl replacement windows. But, what if those old windows in your home are made of aluminum instead of wood? Isrepparttar 100104 processrepparttar 100105 same? No, it's notrepparttar 100106 same at all. So,repparttar 100107 next few articles are going to explainrepparttar 100108 differences between replacing wood windows versus aluminum windows.

When discussingrepparttar 100109 proper frame style for replacingrepparttar 100110 wood sash windows, i explainedrepparttar 100111 difference between new construction frames versus replacement frames. When replacing aluminum windows, there is another option we have to consider regarding frame style. It's called a "retrofit" frame. Let's go over each frame type. First, we haverepparttar 100112 new construction frame withrepparttar 100113 nailing fin. If you choose to go this route, you have to removerepparttar 100114 exterior around each window opening, pull outrepparttar 100115 nails holdingrepparttar 100116 aluminum window torepparttar 100117 studs, nail inrepparttar 100118 new vinyl window, apply flashing, caulk, and re-installrepparttar 100119 exterior around each window.(I get tired just talking about it!)In addition to being a whole lot of labor, you can run into major problems trying to installrepparttar 100120 exterior product around each window opening. If your home has stucco, you have to try and matchrepparttar 100121 rest ofrepparttar 100122 stucco. It can be done, but not by you. Even most professional stucco guys can't get a perfect match. What if you have wood siding? Well, you can cut away 2" ofrepparttar 100123 siding around each window to get torepparttar 100124 nail fin, then you can apply 1 X 2 or 1 X 3 trim around each window. Certainly not as much work asrepparttar 100125 stucco home, but probably more work thanrepparttar 100126 average homeowner cares to tackle. What if each window is surrounded by brick? Let's not even go there! You would have to removerepparttar 100127 bricks, then re-install them all when finished.

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