Building skills in information marketing will boost your business

Written by Graham Jones

Yesterday I was sitting on a train going into London when I thought I’d take a look aroundrepparttar carriage just to see what everyone was doing. I wanted to make a mental note because my five year old son always asks me ‘what happened at your work today Daddy?’ So I put my newspaper down and took a look around me.

The chap beside me was reading a book about selling,repparttar 148530 woman onrepparttar 148531 other side ofrepparttar 148532 aisle was using her computer andrepparttar 148533 two men opposite me were discussing a presentation they had seen. Then it struck me - everyone around me was an ‘information consumer’. Everything they were doing involvedrepparttar 148534 consumption of information that somebody else had provided.

Now that shouldn’t have surprised me too much. After all, that’s what I do - I sell information to people. But it wasrepparttar 148535 train journey that reminded me how much information people are buying. They are getting it from books, online, in meetings, via reports - all sorts of ways. We live in an information society nowadays.

That means there is an opportunity for you. Whatever business you are in, you deal with information - and people will pay you for what you know and what you have experienced.

Just six months ago my main business was speaking at seminars, conferences and running workshops. Now I’ve changedrepparttar 148536 way I earn my money by sellingrepparttar 148537 information I used to give at talks and meetings directly to people who would otherwise be in my audience. And I am doing that online. People can download my talks, or they can buy ‘ebooks’ I have written aboutrepparttar 148538 subjects I specialise in (business psychology, if you must know). And it’s working.

TR Cutler, Inc. to Start National PR Affinity Program in August 2005

Written by Thomas Cutler

TR Cutler, Inc. ( isrepparttar Public Relations firm specializing in PR forrepparttar 148529 manufacturing community worldwide. The new affinity PR program will offer services through manufacturing trade associations starting August 2005. The company foundedrepparttar 148530 Manufacturing Media Consortium™ of more than 2000 journalists writing about trends inrepparttar 148531 manufacturing sector. TR Cutler isrepparttar 148532 author of The Manufacturer’s Public Relations and Media Guide.

Cutler personally authors more than two hundred manufacturing feature articles annually as is a regular contributing editor for InMFG and Time Compression Technologies and Managing Automation.

The Manufacturing PR Advantage™ program will offer discounts ranging from 30-40% for short-term assignments, called Manufacturing Media Blitz™. These 90 day programs include writing and national distribution of more than 30 press releases, a comprehensive media planner, and a detailed checklist of PR options.

Associations that sign up will receive rebates forrepparttar 148533 fees their members pay TR Cutler, Inc. Cutler, who has worked with dozens of manufacturing associations, recognized that membership revenue was not self-sustaining and many local PR firms simply lackrepparttar 148534 expertise or media relationships inrepparttar 148535 manufacturing sector. Cutler has single-handedly helped more than 1000 journalists secure writing and reporting functions at publications, many of whom utilize Cutler’s firm as a resource for determining what is newsworthy inrepparttar 148536 manufacturing sector. Cutler says, “Everyone wins:repparttar 148537 manufacturing association looking to drive additional operating revenue,repparttar 148538 manufacturer who wants to see immediate and direct results from an aggressive PR campaign, and TR Cutler, Inc.”

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