Building eCommerce Websites That Work - Part 1

Written by Richard Keir

Copyright 2005 Richard Keir

You want to succeed at eCommerce? Welcome to a very big family. Right off, letís be clear - there are lots of ways to do business onrepparttar internet. And lots of ways to both make and lose money. Successful eCommerce websites come in all shapes, kinds and colors and while I can't cover every type of site in this series, I will presentrepparttar 139099 basics you need to consider and apply for an eCommerce web site to be successful.

Let's begin by assuming you have some ofrepparttar 139100 fundamentals, that you understandrepparttar 139101 language and that you are serious. Iím not going to tell you how to set up a web site or get a decent hosting account. Weíre beyond those basics. The basics here arerepparttar 139102 factors which will influencerepparttar 139103 success (or failure) andrepparttar 139104 degree of success your eCommerce web site experiences. First and foremost, you need to provide value for your customers. Absurd as it seems to have to repeat that, a lot of so-called eCommerce sites provide no or very little value for their visitors. Pretending to offer value is notrepparttar 139105 same thing as providing value. Promoting miserably written, hackneyed, cloned ebooks filled with questionably useful and/or outdated content doesnít make a high value web site. Sure you might make some money. Once. And youíll end up with a high refund rate - and an unhappy credit card processor. That path means you're taking advantage of inexperienced customers and abusing their willingness to trust you. This isn'trepparttar 139106 way to a long-term business with steady repeat customers.

Value onrepparttar 139107 net is not very different from any kind of off-line retail sales -- a quality product line that will attract potential customers and a competitive price that will lead to purchases. An honest, quality product that will meetrepparttar 139108 expectations youíve created in your buyers. Hyped junk just doesn't cut it.

Next, youíve got to have a smooth, user-friendly, easy to follow process allrepparttar 139109 way to your thank you page. The simpler, cleaner and clearer you can makerepparttar 139110 process,repparttar 139111 better. Where it makes sense you can augment this user-responsive site profile by adding live-response chat.

If you do decide to use call-in or live chat, itís imperative that your operators be well-trained, understand your products and your system and be customer friendly. This can be a problem if you outsource. The less expensive out-source call centers can turn out to be very expensive in terms of lost sales and customers who never come back.

Youíll need to check very carefully and be 100 per cent certainrepparttar 139112 operators actually speak and understandrepparttar 139113 primary language(s) of your targeted customer group. Youíll need to provide extensive background information and highly flexible, well-written scripts.

A1 Technology Launches its independent SEO division A-1 Internetdesign

Written by John Parker

A-1 Technology Inc., a US based Offshore outsourcing firm launched its SEO division as a separate company, A-1 Internetdesign Inc. Having established itself inrepparttar field of software and website development,repparttar 139090 company expanded to provide vertical services covering all domains of Online Marketing.

Established in 1999, A-1 Technology has been providing web solutions to companies across industry sectors with special focus on Finance, Real estate and Health care Industries. The company has its headquarters in New York and other locations include New Jersey, Chicago, London(UK), Stuttgart(Germany), Singapore, Chandigarh and Delhi (India), thus ensuring a global presence. Two years ago, A-1 Internetdesign was started as a division inrepparttar 139091 company to provide search engine optimization as a complimentary

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