Building a pair of heavy duty saw horses

Written by Dave Markel

This pair of heavy duty saw horses is stable, sturdy and able to hold far more then most people will subject them to. Built from two by material, these saw horses will last a lifetime.

Start out by measuring and cutting all your stock according torepparttar cutting list and set it aside. Takerepparttar 143612 legs and mark outrepparttar 143613 tapers. The taper starts 20" up fromrepparttar 143614 bottom. The leg tapers to 3-1/2" atrepparttar 143615 bottom. Repeat for allrepparttar 143616 legs and cut out.

The legs joinrepparttar 143617 main stretchers at 75°. This cut is best made with a circular saw. Mark your lines, clamprepparttar 143618 stock on edge and cut. Fliprepparttar 143619 stock over torepparttar 143620 other edge and makerepparttar 143621 through cut.

Time for some assembly. Onrepparttar 143622 main stretcher mark a line 1-1/2" from each end. This isrepparttar 143623 outer face ofrepparttar 143624 leg. Now make a second mark in from one edge 1". This isrepparttar 143625 top ofrepparttar 143626 leg. Do this for each leg on both stretchers.

Apply some glue torepparttar 143627 angled side ofrepparttar 143628 leg and position onrepparttar 143629 marks you just made onrepparttar 143630 stretcher. Secure with 4 - 2" screws. Repeat for allrepparttar 143631 legs.

Add A Room To Your Home With A Patio Awning

Written by Garry John

Do you need a patio awning for your lovely patio off of your backyard that only gets halfrepparttar use it could because of rain or far too bright sun? Installing a patio awning to shade and protect it can be almost as good as adding a room to your home!

When choosing a patio awning, you’ll need to consider a number of things –repparttar 143350 area that needs to be covered,repparttar 143351 structure on whichrepparttar 143352 awning will be installed (usually your house),repparttar 143353 weather conditions in your area,repparttar 143354 cost andrepparttar 143355 aesthetics. There are many types and styles of patio awnings available to suit your needs – once you’re certain what your needs are.

The most often stated reasons for installing a patio awning are:

- Protection from Weather

A patio awning provides shade fromrepparttar 143356 sun and cover from rain, to extendrepparttar 143357 usability of your patio and make it more comfortable at all times ofrepparttar 143358 day.

- Protection of Your Investment

Patio furniture and wood floors or patio carpets are a substantial financial investment. A patio awning helps protect that investment fromrepparttar 143359 damaging UV rays ofrepparttar 143360 sun. In addition, if your patio has full glass sliding doors,repparttar 143361 patio awning will also help protectrepparttar 143362 carpets and furnishings inside your home from those same harmful rays.

- Energy Efficiency

Besides shadingrepparttar 143363 patio itself, installing a patio awning can reducerepparttar 143364 heat of your home’s interior by as much as 70%, which can be a major savings in electricity if you’re paying for air conditioning.

- Low construction costs

Patio awnings – even fancy retractable ones with built-in lighting and heating – cost far less than adding a full room to your home, but in many cases,repparttar 143365 effect is almostrepparttar 143366 same – expanded living and entertainment space.

- Aesthetics

Patio awnings come in an almost limitless array of colors and designs. A well-made patio awning can add beauty to your home while providing shade and comfort for you.

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