Building a Wood Ladder

Written by Dave Markel

This is a simple project that should only take a couple of hours to complete.

Supplies: You will need 2 - 12' 2x4's (uprights) 2 - 8' 2x3's (rungs) Exterior wood glue 36 - 2-1/2" Deck Screws

Tools: 4 Clamps Measuring Tape Square Pencil Circular Saw Drill with countersink and screw bit Hammer Chisel

Start by clampingrepparttar two 12' - 2x4's together withrepparttar 116095 top edge and ends flush. Stand them on edge. The rungs are notched intorepparttar 116096 2x4 upright 1-1/8" so we need to mark out notches. The top and bottom rungs are 8" fromrepparttar 116097 ends, place a mark at 8". This isrepparttar 116098 top ofrepparttar 116099 upper rung andrepparttar 116100 bottom ofrepparttar 116101 lower one. Offset these marks 2-1/2" (the width ofrepparttar 116102 2x3 rungs).

Now measure out forrepparttar 116103 rest ofrepparttar 116104 rungs. Lay your tape measure onrepparttar 116105 8" mark made earlier and measure 16" increments. These marks representrepparttar 116106 center ofrepparttar 116107 intermediate rungs. Offset these marks 1-1/4" on either side.

Using your square, square offrepparttar 116108 marks you have just made downrepparttar 116109 face ofrepparttar 116110 2x4 uprights 1-1/8" deep. Square your marks acrossrepparttar 116111 top edge ofrepparttar 116112 uprights as well.

Now it is time to cutrepparttar 116113 notches. Setrepparttar 116114 depth of your circular saw to 1-1/8". Start by makingrepparttar 116115 cheek cuts ofrepparttar 116116 notch then proceed to make a series of cuts about a 1/4" apart throughrepparttar 116117 rest ofrepparttar 116118 notch. Do this for allrepparttar 116119 notches.

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