Building a Simple Book Shelf

Written by Dave Markel

This simple but functional book shelf is easy to build and makes a great confidence builder before moving on to a more complex project.The overall dimensions of this book shelf are 66 x 36 x 8-1/2. This shelf is made from 2 x 10 spruce that is planned to 1-1/4 thick and ripped to 8-1/2 wide.

Shelves The four shelves receive dados to acceptrepparttar vertical members. These dados are deep and 1-1/4 wide withrepparttar 145055 outside cheeks 7 from each end. These dados can be milled a number of ways, in this case a router with a straight cutting bit was used. However, a stacked dado blade can be used with a radial arm saw to make them as well.

Vertical Members There are 6 vertical members that determinerepparttar 145056 height of each shelf. With this planrepparttar 145057 shelves are all evenly spaced butrepparttar 145058 height of each shelf can be adjusted to fit you specific needs. The dimensions ofrepparttar 145059 vertical members are 9-7/8 x 8-1/2 x 1-1/4 and accounts forrepparttar 145060 dado atrepparttar 145061 top and bottom.

Wood Panels and Humidity

Written by Dave Markel

Coping with wood movement

All wood workers need to be aware of wood movement when building furniture projects. Failure to consider this important factor can cause wood panels to crack or split.

My high school biology teacher comparedrepparttar structure of a piece of wood with a bundle of straws. The straws representrepparttar 145028 cells and capillaries ofrepparttar 145029 wood. When a tree is growing water and food are transferred up throughrepparttar 145030 cells and are carried throughoutrepparttar 145031 tree.

Once a tree is fellrepparttar 145032 free water inrepparttar 145033 wood is lost rather quickly butrepparttar 145034 bound water trapped inrepparttar 145035 straw like cell is slower to dissipate. Asrepparttar 145036 level of bound water is reduced these straw like cells get narrower in diameter but maintain their length. This isrepparttar 145037 fundamental reason that wood expands and contracts across its width but has almost no expansion length wise.

When working with wood it is very important to allowrepparttar 145038 wood to expand and contract with changes in humidity. As humidity risesrepparttar 145039 straw like cells expand in diameter withrepparttar 145040 opposite effect occurring asrepparttar 145041 relative humidity falls.

Ways to accommodate expansion

Lets use a cutting board forrepparttar 145042 first example. A solid wood cutting board with a bread board edge secured with a tongue and groove joint. One edge hasrepparttar 145043 bread board edge secured on both ends with a dowel throughrepparttar 145044 tongue The other bread board edge is secured withrepparttar 145045 same tongue and groove joint but this end only has a dowel inrepparttar 145046 center ofrepparttar 145047 piece.

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