Building a Referral-Friendly Business

Written by Angela Wu

Referrals are an important part of any successful business. They're a great way to keep building your customer base, year after year, without having to go out and pay for advertising. Instead, you userepparttar power of your current customers to help you continue to grow.

Referrals really are 'golden'. For one thing, in this time-crunched age where everyone's so busy, people are more willing to depend onrepparttar 127529 advice of trusted contacts. It saves them from spending time in laborious research.

Referrals also produce a 'snowball' effect. Happy customers tend to have a good idea of which one of their friends would appreciate your product or service. They refer people similar to themselves... who also refer people they know... and so on.

But one ofrepparttar 127530 best things about referrals is that they're easier to convert into customers! It's fine for YOU to say that you provide a great product or service -- but when someone else says it, it instantly has more impact... especially when it comes from a trusted friend or contact. Your credibility and expertise have been established byrepparttar 127531 referrer.

However, many business owners assume that just because they do a good job, referrals will happen automatically. This isn't true; people often need a little encouragement to send referrals your way. It's up to you to take a more active role in making them happen.

Go ahead and tell your customers that you'll do your best to make sure they're happy. Then let them know that you would welcome any referrals -- in other words, simply ASK for new referrals. Encourage them by offering referral incentives.


Written by Bob Leduc

Postcards can drive a high volume of traffic to your web site and they can generate a large number of sales leads for you. They're highly effective, easy to use and cost very little.


Avoid postcards that look like a magazine ad printed on a card. You'll get a bigger response if you keep your message brief and format your postcard to look like a personal message. Your prospect can't resist reading a postcard formatted this way for several reasons.

1. It's delivered already opened and ready to read. 2. The message is brief and easy to read. 3. It looks like a personal message.

Personal message postcards are also effective for business to business promotions. "Gatekeepers" who screenrepparttar incoming mail in many business and professional offices will usually pass them through to your prospect. And becauserepparttar 127528 postcard is smaller thanrepparttar 127529 other mail it's usually put on top ofrepparttar 127530 boss's mail pile. That almost guarantees your prospect will read it.

I've used these postcards successfully for everything from developing customer leads to recruiting senior executives. They always produce a big response for a very low cost.


You'll getrepparttar 127531 maximum number of responses to your postcards by following three simple guidelines:

1. Personalizerepparttar 127532 message on your postcard. Include a date and a greeting like you would in a letter. You can use "Dear Kim" when you know your recipient's name or something like "Dear Homeowner" or "Hello Doctor" when you don't.

2. Keep your message brief. Don't clutter your postcard with too many words or your prospect won't read it. The most effective postcard announces one major benefit and asksrepparttar 127533 recipient to take an action to get more details. For example:

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