Building a Document Management Plan Part II

Written by Ray Griffiths

Accounts Payable Entry Level

As organizations look to drive down costs and improve efficiency, manual and time-consuming processes in accounts payable (A/P) are an ideal place to start. A/P processes are sometimes distributed in nature, may require approval on many levels, and generate huge volumes of paper and electronic documents that are difficult to effectively manage. Document imaging systems enables companies to achieve process efficiencies and cost savings in three key areas:

* Capture, storage and retrieval of data and documents * Automation of critical business processes to drive efficiency * Sharing of information and extension of processes to internal and external resourcesI

Integration with ERP and LOB applications allows companies to seamlessly enable a single interface to all payables transaction content, and extend automated processes into these applications. Integration will significantly improve response times, eliminate time-consuming duplicate data entry, reduce errors, increase processing efficiencies and enhance levels of service.

Implementing document management/imaging technology helps managers and employees identify, classify, track and manage all forms of A/P information, from inception throughrepparttar end ofrepparttar 133381 content lifecycle. The technology manages all types of corporate records, regardless of whetherrepparttar 133382 record is inrepparttar 133383 form of a physical document, an email with attachments, or an electronic spreadsheet. The solution allows users to establish retention periods, organize and retain these documents and other assets for legally required amounts of time, and provide quick, on demand access to them.

As was stated in Part I of this series, a document imaging system in accounts payable will have good ROI if some or all of these conditions exist:

1. There are 5 or more payables clerks 2. They are manually matching checks 3. Invoices have to be approved after they are received. 4. Receivers are being printed and sent to accounting. 5. Some payables become receivables. 6. You process hundreds of invoices every week fromrepparttar 133384 same vendor(s)

Much ofrepparttar 133385 processing in accounts payable can be automated to some degree by using document imaging technology. An analysis ofrepparttar 133386 department will determine to what degree you can automate and realize a good ROI. This article addresses entry-level document imaging and how you can make it pay off.

An accounts payable department with at least 5 employees should be able to justify a document imaging system based on vendor research and check matching. These two functions may take 30% or more of a clerk’s time. Eliminating check matching and reducingrepparttar 133387 time it takes to research vendor issues will increase productivity 15-20%. In addition you will have better control of your invoices, and auditing will be faster and cost less.

Setting up an entry-level document imaging system is not complicated it just requires a plan. The first step is taking a document inventory.

* Get samples of all documents that are part ofrepparttar 133388 invoice paying process, which may include but is not limited to:

o Purchase order o Packing slip o Receiver o Invoice o Expense report o Check

* Read How to select a document imaging scanner to help you selectrepparttar 133389 right scanner for your needs.

* Determine origin of each document and how it is created.

o Internally or externally o Computer generated

Recruiters: Are you killing your profits with these strict guidelines and overkill job descriptions?

Written by Regina Stevens

I am inrepparttar beginning stages of developing an Information Technology job seeker newsletter profiling IT candidates who would like to work inrepparttar 133380 Atlanta, Georgia area. In my quest to find different job boards and forums I've noticed these statements made by some job placement companies:

"If you have been unemployed longer than 3 months, job hopping, or have worked extensively for contractors, please do not apply."

Well now…this makes me say "Hmmmm". Inrepparttar 133381 Information Technology field most of us fit into this mold because that isrepparttar 133382 nature ofrepparttar 133383 beast. It is not because we want to job hop or work for 3 months - we want long term assignments. The truth is that in this day and age IT assignments are short term and difficult to obtain because of unreasonable requirements being set by folks who don't know that a System Administrator and a Website Designer are not interested inrepparttar 133384 same result nor have traveledrepparttar 133385 same educational roads forrepparttar 133386 most part. The ironic part aboutrepparttar 133387 statements:repparttar 133388 companies that are imposing this criteria are supposed to be IT recruiters and they have loads of short term assignments available - go figure.

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