Building a Document Management Plan Part I

Written by Ray Griffiths

Document imaging is a document management tool which can increase your productivity, reduce your document management costs, provide enhanced document security and assist with compliancy issues. Because document imaging can do so much, yet is so simple to learn and use, you may be tempted to go “on-line” with a system without first developing a plan. Don’t

Oftenrepparttar tendency is to call in several document imaging vendors and have each of them tell you what they think you need. After a lengthy process of each vendor gathering information and presenting a proposal you are not ready to make a decision because:

* The cost is more than you anticipated and there does not seem to be an ROI to justifyrepparttar 133390 system. * The project is overwhelming and your resources to get it done are very thin.

You can eliminaterepparttar 133391 above scenario if you gather some infromationa and put together a plan. Before you contact any vendors you need to resolve a number of issues. This article addresses these issues inrepparttar 133392 form of questions to be answered. Some ofrepparttar 133393 questions will not be relevant to your situation.

The first issues concern fundingrepparttar 133394 project. Ifrepparttar 133395 funds are not going to be available even ifrepparttar 133396 project looks good, there is no need to proceed.

1. Return on Investment (ROI).

· What is company policy requiring an ROI?

· What isrepparttar 133397 standard payback period?

2. Does this project need to be budgeted? 3. Which department’s budget will fundrepparttar 133398 project? 4. Doesrepparttar 133399 department that will fundrepparttar 133400 project have total buy in? 5. What arerepparttar 133401 preconceived costs ofrepparttar 133402 project? 6. Couldrepparttar 133403 price tag on a system be too high even if itrepparttar 133404 ROI meets company standards. 7. At what level canrepparttar 133405 project be approved? 8. Do you haverepparttar 133406 infrastructure to support a document imaging system? 1. If not will that cost be included inrepparttar 133407 cost ofrepparttar 133408 imaging system

The following is a commentary on how companies build their ROI. Accounting is where most companies findrepparttar 133409 best ROI.

A document imaging system in accounts payable will have good ROI if some or all of these conditions exist:

1. There are 5 or more payables clerks 2. They are manually matching checks 3. Invoices have to be approved after they are received. 4. Receivers are being printed and sent to accounting. 5. Some payables become receivables. 6. You process hundreds of invoices every week fromrepparttar 133410 same vendor(s)

Much ofrepparttar 133411 processing in accounts payable can be automated to some degree by using document imaging technology. When you invite consultants or vendors in you need to have an idea what you expect to accomplish to be sure that they are going inrepparttar 133412 right direction. Evaluaterepparttar 133413 process and determine if document imaging will provide a good ROI.

Accounts receivable isrepparttar 133414 best ROI for many companies. Good customer service and reducing outstanding receivables days is a challenge for any organization. Document imaging can be a tremendous help in improving customer service, reducing receivables days as well as reducing bad debt because:

Keepoint 7 Pro, Web Research Software, Go Beyond Search Engine

Written by Manish Panjwani

Saora Inc., an information management products and services company, announcedrepparttar release of new version of its web information management software, Keepoint line of products,repparttar 133389 Keepoint 7 Series. The new series, which consists of products Keepoint 7 and Keepoint 7 Pro, is designed to meetrepparttar 133390 web information management needs of all internet users, home as well as professional, students and researchers within academic and corporate environments.

Keepoint 7 Pro, which isrepparttar 133391 flagship product ofrepparttar 133392 Keepoint family, isrepparttar 133393 completely revised version of Keepoint 1.0. It is designed for professionals to gather and collaborate on HTML/XML based information whether it is fromrepparttar 133394 internet or intranet. With Keepoint 7 Pro, one can not only saverepparttar 133395 web contents with a single mouse click, but also assign keywords and other contextual indices to them (KeepAs), annotate/highlight text on them, sendrepparttar 133396 annotated pages by email, export them torepparttar 133397 desktop/external device or extract and save onlyrepparttar 133398 necessary information from a web page (selected area, images only, links only etc.).

With Keepoint, there is no need to specify filenames or folder destinations. Keepoint automatically sorts and organizesrepparttar 133399 web research results, which are easily accessible in time and content sorted order or for search by various indices. By introducingrepparttar 133400 innovative concept of Kee-Tools, whereby users can define their own save procedures and access them with a single click,repparttar 133401 Keepoint 7 Series is expected to takerepparttar 133402 web information management tools, to a new class, web research engines, which take us beyondrepparttar 133403 search engines and makerepparttar 133404 web a truly useful tool that it was envisioned to be. Keepoint 7 Pro is available as a softcopy for $79.95 and as a package for $99.95 from

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