Building Your Ezine Subscriber Base and Selling Ad Space

Written by Merle

In thisrepparttar last in a 3 part series on ezine publishing we turn torepparttar 124357 nitty gritty of finding subscribers and selling your valuable ad space.

So now you have a terrific looking ezine and interesting content but where do you find subscribers? I was hoping you'd ask. In order to grow your subscriber base you'll need to promote your ezine every chance you get.

The first thing you need to do is include a sign up box on each and every page of your website and if you can, offer a free sample copy by autoresponder. To set up a free autoresponder check out

Some publishers swear by pop up boxes to increase their subscriber sign ups. If you go this route I encourage you to opt forrepparttar 124358 kind that pop up upon exit not upon entering, less annoying. You'll find some software to help you with this here.... or look at for some free scripts.

The next step is to get your ezine listed in as many online newsletter directories as possible. You'll have to do your homework by searchingrepparttar 124359 engines for directories where you can add your listing for free.This is an important step as many people look to these directories when looking for newsletters to subscribe to. Some of them are:

Remember many of these online directories will allow you to post your ad rates as well. A double bonus which allows you to pick up new subscribers as well as advertisers.

Announcement lists are also good for promoting your ezine. Search at for lists that exist forrepparttar 124360 sole purpose of announcing new lists. You'll also want to participate in online discussion boards with a good signature line that mentions your ezine. You'll find some great boards to post to at

Other great ways to grow your subscriber base include swapping ads with other publishers and writing articles to submit to other publishers for possible publication in their ezines. Again, a strong signature line is imperative. Try some of these sites for swaps.

Free Software to keep track of your swaps

Other Ezine Publishers you can swap ads with

Free Directory of Ezines and other helpful resources for today's ezine publisher

The Handbook of Ezine Publishing

EP Digest offers many helpful resources

I'm Subscribing, Not Buying Don't Make It Personal

Written by Robert Wardrick

If I'm subscribing to your ezine or newsletter online my email-address should be sufficient. So why do you require* my full name/address/birth date/annual-income/etc? You post a Privacy Statement on your website, but where is my privacy?

Next, I get email from you with a heading "Hello John" but I'm Robert so this must be SPAM, I then hit delete or reply with "Unsubscribe" inrepparttar subject-line.

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