Building Your Business with FREE Tutorials

Written by Terri Seymour

If you have an online business, no matter what it pertains to, a great way to promote yourself and your business is by sharing your knowledge. One way of doing this is be preparing free tutorials for people to read and learn from. By doing this, people will come to think of you as an expert in your field. When they need advice, products or services, you will berepparttar one they trust and believe.

Divide your tutorial into four or five (or however many it takes) steps; then set them up at an autoresponder. If you sell home decorating items, you could set up a tutorial to paint a piece of furniture in this manner:

Step 1 - Preparingrepparttar 125178 Piece Step 2 - Choosingrepparttar 125179 Right Paint Step 3 - Paintingrepparttar 125180 Piece Step 4 - Maintenance

After you divide these into steps, set it up atrepparttar 125181 autoresponder forrepparttar 125182 each step to be sent out two or three days apart. This works better than one complete mailing because it keeps your name and business inrepparttar 125183 mind ofrepparttar 125184 prospective customer longer and he will be more likely to buy your products.

Free Autoresponders:

Have a look at these and decide which you prefer. If you don't like any of these, there are plenty more.

Internet Promotion: Awards Submission

Written by Richard Lowe

There are thousands of people out there onrepparttar internet just waiting to take a look at your site. These people want to give you an award if your site measures up to one or more standards. Each of them has a different set of criteria that they are judging.

- Occasionally you will run across someone who just says "take my award". These really are not awards as your site is not judged. Unlessrepparttar 125177 award "plaque" looks cool, I wouldn't bother as there is no real value.

- Many awards are passed out to any site after a brief review. Basically, ifrepparttar 125178 site loads it gets an award.

- Others requirerepparttar 125179 site be good and on a specific topic. For example, "Best Star Trek Site" would be one of these types of awards.

- The better webmasters who offer awards ensure thatrepparttar 125180 winning sites meet specific criteria. These awards are not hard to get as long as your site is reasonably good.

- There are some highly coveted awards out there - these are hard to get as your site must be good.

- And finally,repparttar 125181 cream ofrepparttar 125182 crop are awards given out byrepparttar 125183 very high traffic sites, newsletters and magazines. These are extremely desirable, but generally are much harder to get.

Why are all of these people doing this? Several reasons. Many people, myself included, see it as a way to get to see some pretty cool sites. In addition, granting awards usually requires a reciprocal link. Having lots of sites link to your site will increase something called it's "popularity", which helps to improverepparttar 125184 ratings in some search engines.

So, once you've finished your site (and make sure it's relatively complete), it is time to try and get some of these awards. Now, some webmasters feel that awards are useless. I disagree. Awards are very useful. The better awards can boost traffic as much as a top listing on Yahoo, and atrepparttar 125185 very least they improve a site's popularity.

Here are some good reasons to apply for all ofrepparttar 125186 awards that you can find.

- It's an ego boost. Presumably you've spent lots of time building your dream web site and it's nice to be recognized. A note of caution, however: most of these awards are not judged very harshly. It's nice to win but unless it is one ofrepparttar 125187 top 100 or so awards it's probably not saying much about your site except that it's not too terrible.

- Many awards sites will link to pages that win their awards. This can improve traffic. Don't count on much, but every little bit can be helpful. More importantly, having more sites link to yours can improve your popularity in search engines, which is occasionally used to give you a higher rating.

- Having lots of awards looks very good. Most visitors don't know a good award from an easy one, so having a page listing dozens or hundreds of awards makes your site look like it's very cool indeed.

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