"Building The Will"

Written by John Q. Miller

The importance of will-power is recognized by most people, yet few deliberately give any time or thought to its development. Learning how to build and direct our will-power is a fundamental requirement for increasingrepparttar mighty power of our self-confidence.

Strengthening your will-power will confer many advantages and great power.

Think deeply uponrepparttar 138150 satisfaction that will come to you from doing things definitely and promptly, andrepparttar 138151 increased self-confidence that will surely follow fromrepparttar 138152 habit of finishing everything that you undertake in a thorough manner. Not only will developing a strong, well-directed will-power give you a daily advantage, it can also help you to realize your lifeís ambition.

There are many things we desire to avoid - such as poverty, pain, misfortune, and ill health; while there are things we much desire to have - such as wealth, power, knowledge, and independence. It is, however,repparttar 138153 intensity of our desire that counts for most.

Here is an example...

"I desire to become a good tennis player," says one.

"How strong is your desire?" asksrepparttar 138154 teacher. "Will you practice regularly every day for an hour?!"

"I donít think I can," saysrepparttar 138155 student, "because I am too busy duringrepparttar 138156 day, and at night I am too tired."

"What personal sacrifices are you ready to make?"

"None," isrepparttar 138157 answer.

"Then," repliesrepparttar 138158 teacher, "your desire is not strong enough to make you a good tennis player."

Now sometimes an idea must be repeated many times before an enduring impression can be made upon your mind.

This is illustrated in modern methods of advertising. The first time you see an announcement, it may not impresses you. But if it is repeated again and again, in newspaper, magazine, television - there is a magic number of impressions that will lead you to become a purchaser.

Mental habits are established inrepparttar 138159 same way. A suggestion is made to your mind once, twice, a hundred, or a thousand times. Some day this repeated suggestion will become a fixed habit, and fulfill its duty subconsciously. Simple reiteration is a very powerful tool. For example, if a shy person were to repeat aloud for a few minutes daily, with earnestness and concentration, a list of words such as courage, valor, bravery, gallantry, intrepidity, pluck, backbone, and audacity - he or she would shortly find these qualities being incorporated in his or her own personality.

We must be particularly careful about outside influences (the Dark Side for us Star Wars fans).

Once a certain course of conduct is decided upon after mature consideration, we must block out and not yield torepparttar 138160 interposition of negative people and naysayers who advise an altogether different course. Many people that tell you something won't work or otherwise attempt to divert you from pursuing your goal, only do so because they too would like to attemptrepparttar 138161 same or a similar goal - but do not haverepparttar 138162 will-power strong enough to overcome their fear of failure.

Break Up Your Day And Become More Productive!

Written by Tim Webb

Often, in todayís fast paced world, we forget to take a break during our working day. We simply figure we will get much more done if we eat onrepparttar run, have less or no breaks, and work more hours.

The real truth, though, is that this is counter productive and ruinsrepparttar 138097 health of those trying to cram more into their day. Quality of work deteriorates and often people succumb to illness due to lack of focused physical activity and poor diet normally brought on by consumption of convenience food.

I regularly hearrepparttar 138098 same old argument as to why these people cannot become more physically active. Lack of time! They say forty-five minutes in a gym is not possible or practical. While, inrepparttar 138099 long term, what they require is a life style change if they want to enjoy good health as they get older, inrepparttar 138100 short term such people need instantly accessible methods to de-stress and do some good for themselves physically.

If they can do just five minutes twice a day initially it is a start. Perhaps once they experiencerepparttar 138101 benefits of such short sessions they may well be encouraged to integrate more physical activity into their lives.

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