Building Solid Foundations

Written by Michael Angier

When it comes to erecting a building, few people would disputerepparttar importance of establishing a strong foundation. It's no different in building a business, a family or a life.

In 2000, we watched many ofrepparttar 102105 dot-coms become dot-GONES. One ofrepparttar 102106 reasons for this is that these companies were built without solid foundations. It's not only brick and mortar companies that need firm footings.

The emphasis today is on instant gratification. But if we want to build something of value, something that will last, we must build a foundation that will support our vision.

The quick fix,repparttar 102107 quick buck andrepparttar 102108 quick solution will not endure. The individual who shoots torepparttar 102109 top of his or her field only to self-destruct is oftenrepparttar 102110 victim of not having solidifiedrepparttar 102111 values andrepparttar 102112 structure to supportrepparttar 102113 stardom. It takes effort and it takes conviction, butrepparttar 102114 rewards are worth it.

Keep Your Eyes on What You're Building There was once a man passing by a construction site. He stopped and asked one ofrepparttar 102115 tradesmen what he was doing. The worker replied gruffly, "I'm laying bricks, can't you see that?" The man watched a while longer and then asked another worker what he was doing. "I'm just earning a living," he replied. A third timerepparttar 102116 man asked a worker andrepparttar 102117 response was much different, "I'm building a cathedral."

No doubtrepparttar 102118 personal happiness andrepparttar 102119 quality ofrepparttar 102120 work fromrepparttar 102121 last man was much better than fromrepparttar 102122 first two.

And what about us? Are we just collecting a paycheck, doing drudgery work--laying bricks? Or are we building a cathedral?

By staying focused on what we're building and seeingrepparttar 102123 task at hand as accomplishing that purpose, we'll gain greater satisfaction, our work will be lighter, and we'll create more excellence.

Foundations Take Time I recently watched a building being constructed. (I must admit I was tempted to ask some ofrepparttar 102124 workers what they were doing.) For months, there seemed to be little progress. There was plenty of dust, lots of activity, but very little evidence that anything was really happening.

Crucial v Not Crucial

Written by Dr. Donald E. Wetmore

We all have "too much to do". True? Sure 'nuf. And that says a lot of good things about you. That you have "too much to do" suggests that a lot of people have entrusted much confidence in you. I mean, people who are drifting about early each afternoon begging co-workers for something to do, may not have earned that confidence from others. And this applies not only in our work lives but in our personal lives as well.

But this creates a double-edged sword. Onrepparttar one hand, it's great to enjoyrepparttar 102104 confidence of others. Yet, having "too much to do" often createsrepparttar 102105 stresses and distresses that may reduce your overall productivity.

I divide our responsibilities into two categories: "Crucial" and "Not Crucial". Crucial items give usrepparttar 102106 "biggest bang forrepparttar 102107 buck" forrepparttar 102108 time spent and isrepparttar 102109 most productive use of our time. It isrepparttar 102110 logical use of our time. "Not Crucial" gives us emotional relief. It's doingrepparttar 102111 little things,repparttar 102112 junk mail, desk dusting andrepparttar 102113 like, that, while necessary, do not really advance our daily success very much.

When we accomplishrepparttar 102114 "Crucial" things in our life we are doing "business" v "busyness". We are making progress versus wheel spinning. Have you ever had a day when you were busyrepparttar 102115 whole daylong but when you got home that night you knew you had not accomplished a darn thing? (We can foolrepparttar 102116 world sometimes but we cannot fool ourselves.)

Doingrepparttar 102117 Crucial things builds up our self-esteem and our motivation level. Ever notice when you've had a really productive "Crucial" day how that positive momentum carried forward into your evening hours? You are more inclined to dorepparttar 102118 woodworking, spend time withrepparttar 102119 kids, or work on hobbies, when you've had a great day. But when you've had one of those "Not Crucial" days,repparttar 102120 motivation and momentum levels are reduced and when we come home that night, many of us just want to block outrepparttar 102121 day with that all important exercise, "click, click, click",repparttar 102122 sound ofrepparttar 102123 TV remote device, surfing us through a multitude of channels that fail to grab our interest.

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