Building Relationships Through Your Ezine

Written by Terri Seymour

Having a business onrepparttar internet is different than having a traditional marketing or sales business. When you operate a business from a store, one ofrepparttar 124379 traditional ways of establishing relationships with your customers isrepparttar 124380 meet and greet method. You greet your customers inrepparttar 124381 store and talk to them a bit and this helps build trust and establish yourself withrepparttar 124382 customer. However, onrepparttar 124383 internet, this method must be done completely different.

If you have a website through which you sell products of any kind, you must find a way to build relationships with your potential customers. One ofrepparttar 124384 most effective ways of doing this onrepparttar 124385 web is by publishing your own ezine or newsletter.

Through your ezine you can keep your customers informed of any new products or information on your site. By doing this you keep prospects coming back to your site. Of course, you want to have an interesting and effective website, but that is another article. :)

When you start your ezine there are some guidelines you should follow.

*Do not make your newsletter one big ad for your product or business. Keep your readers updated about your products, but also provide other information.

What Do I Put In My Ezine?

Written by Terri Seymour

You are so excited because your website is finished. Your business is officially open. You are going to start an ezine to help build your business. You have an idea of what to do with your ezine and know how you are going to promote it. The only questions you have left are what do I put in my ezine and where do I get it?

There are a lot of good ideas for your ezine. You must always remember your goals with your ezine. You should promote your business and provide useful resources and information for your subscribers. You also want to build trust and relationships with your readers. Giving subscribers a good ezine with a lot of good info isrepparttar way to do it!

*Informative Articles - You definitely want to provide some good articles that have some useful, practical information and maybe some resource links. There are a lot of good article writers and you should also try to write some articles. It is always good to have some original content and articles are a great way to promote your business also. Visit these sites to find and/or post articles: Email lists for posting or requesting articles: *Resource Links - You should provide links to sites that have resources and information pertaining to your ezine subject matter. *Question & Answer - You could have a Q&A section for answering some commonly asked questions about what

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