Building Muscle Mass With A Power Cycle

Written by Gregg Gillies

Building muscle mass with a power cycle. Desperate for pounds of new muscle? Forgetrepparttar isolation exercises, for getrepparttar 149523 weight training routines that have you going forrepparttar 149524 pump,repparttar 149525 burn, flushingrepparttar 149526 muscle with blood, or any of that other nonsense.

If you're interested in building muscle mass, you've got to play with some serious weight on some serious exercises. It's time to userepparttar 149527 big plates for once, and more some real iron. Only then will you starting adding some serious muscle mass to your body.

Sure,repparttar 149528 pump feels great and you look pretty damn good inrepparttar 149529 mirror after a pump workout, right? But is it doing anything for you? Maybe, maybe not.

Look at it another way. When do you think you'll get more muscle out of your weight training program - when you are slammingrepparttar 149530 big plates onrepparttar 149531 bar and grinding out seriously heavy sets of squats, or when you are usingrepparttar 149532 little ten pound dumbbells for a high rep pumping set of laterals?

If you think it'srepparttar 149533 laterals, you should probably stop reading right about now. This routine is definitely not for you. But if you are serious about building muscle mass, you'll want to tackle this weightlifting program and give it all you've got for 8 - 12 weeks.

Build Muscle and Boost Your Training Intensity Now

Written by Gregg Gillies

Build muscle with a unilateral weight training program. Whether you are feeling stale on your current routine or just looking for a way to improve your workouts and start making progress again, unilateral training is a perfect way to increaserepparttar results of your training time and help you build muscle.

What is unilateral training? It is simply working one side of your body at a time. This is notrepparttar 149522 same as, say, alternate dumbbell curls where you do a rep withrepparttar 149523 left arm, then a rep withrepparttar 149524 right, etc. You do a complete set for one side before moving torepparttar 149525 other.

For example, do a set of 10 reps onrepparttar 149526 leg press with your right leg only then do a set of 10 reps with your left leg only. Unilateral training allows you to increase your focus onrepparttar 149527 muscle you are working by doing a better job of isolatingrepparttar 149528 working muscle.

Your intensity increases because you increaserepparttar 149529 muscle involvement due torepparttar 149530 bilateral deficit. The bilateral deficit meansrepparttar 149531 total weight you can lift by working one limb at a time is more thanrepparttar 149532 total weight you can lift when working both limbs together.

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