Building Link Popularity As Easy As 123

Written by Matt Colyer

The most difficult area of SEO is building link popularity. You may be thinking why? Because there are no easy ways to build link popularity. In this article I will tell you how to get links and how to find them.

First thing you must do is find a web site that you would like to trade links with. How do you find them? You can join link exchanges like or you can searchrepparttar search engine with keywords related to your site. Remember RELATED sites only! Let's say your site is about cars, so you would search with keywords like car body repair, car, SUVS, trucks, vans, etc or let's say your site is about games, so you would search with keywords like checkers, card games, chess, online games, etc. Now that you know what to do go and search for sites RELATED to yours and ask for a link exchange.

You could send them this email below if you like.

Dear (Put there name here),

Thanks for takingrepparttar 119367 time to read my email.

My name is (Put your full name here), I came cross your site today while I was searching on AOL and really like your site. I loverepparttar 119368 (put something here you like about there site here). Your site and our site is somewhatrepparttar 119369 same, so I was wondering if you would like to exchange links with our site (put your URL here). Our site is about (put what your site is about here).

Build Link Popularity The Smart Way

Written by Alec Duncan

A Brief Introduction To Link Popularity As webmasters research various ways to get more traffic to their site one method that is gaining more and more publicity is Link Popularity. Link Popularity isrepparttar number of links that point to your website as measured byrepparttar 119366 search engines. In theory if your site has many sites linking to it then it is considered to be a valuable resource onrepparttar 119367 particular topic sorepparttar 119368 search engines will give it a higher ranking.

The Problem As with many rules/laws eventually people found a way to manipulate it. Sites were created solely to buildrepparttar 119369 link popularity of other sites. These sites are called ‘Link Farms’ and contributed torepparttar 119370 pollution of search engine results. They increasedrepparttar 119371 search engine rankings of many sites that did not deserverepparttar 119372 position they received.

Eventuallyrepparttar 119373 search engines caught on to this deception and some such as Google adjusted their algorithms accordingly. Google now penalizes websites associated with Link Farms imposing penalties they deem appropriate based onrepparttar 119374 site andrepparttar 119375 scenario. Many people that feltrepparttar 119376 effects of this penalization were fairly innocent, well that is if you consider ignorance to be an alibi. They simply did not know that what they were doing was wrong; some even paid for SEO services and were victims of bad services.

Asrepparttar 119377 search engines change their algorithms aiming to reduce fraudulent activities by webmasters, more and more ways are conceived to manipulate them, and sorepparttar 119378 battle continues.

An Honest Link Building Strategy Getting quality links to your site from related resources is not always as easy as some make it sound. The key word here is ‘quality’. It is a very time consuming process and involvesrepparttar 119379 following steps:

* Search for quality sites that are related to yours. * Contactrepparttar 119380 Webmaster ofrepparttar 119381 related site. * Wait for a response from them. * Swap links ifrepparttar 119382 response is positive.

There are also some automated methods of doing this that speed uprepparttar 119383 process, however, I would not recommend any of them and hence won’t list them in this article.

So you have started your link building campaign and are hopefully seeingrepparttar 119384 results. Now you say this is great but how can I make this process more efficient and effective without risking your good standings withrepparttar 119385 search engines.

Here isrepparttar 119386 solution.

The Smart Way To Increase Link Popularity. One thing webmasters are always looking for, and find hard to refuse, is good quality content. If you are knowledgeable on a particular topic that is related to your site, writing informative articles is a great way to gain your website additional link popularity. If you are reading this article and are not reading it on Li'l Engine SEO Resource then there is your proof.

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