Building Doorway Domains for Optimized Search Engine Positioning

Written by Ralph Tegtmeier

Doorway pages have been around for a long time and most people trying for search engine optimization are more or less familiar with them. To recapitulate: a classical doorway page is focused on a certain keyword or search phrase, carrying highly optimized text, pertinent meta tags, title, etc. It is submitted torepparttar search engines to achieve better rankings. When human visitors hitrepparttar 128067 page, they are required to click a link to get torepparttar 128068 site proper.

More often than not, doorway pages are quite ugly. That's because they are so highly optimized withrepparttar 128069 search engines in mind, who happen to dislike graphics, nested tables, Flash, Java applets, JavaScript, frames, andrepparttar 128070 like. So while they may perform nicely inrepparttar 128071 search engines' indices, many of them don't exactly spell out cutting edge marketing skills fromrepparttar 128072 human visitors' (= clients'!) point of view. Granted that quite a few webmasters have caught on, resorting to generating more appealing pages featuring navigation elements and blending better with their sites' overall layout and design, but creating these can be a very time consuming effort.

What's more, some search engines are regularly conducting witch hunts to weed out discernible doorway pages, one ofrepparttar 128073 most notable examples being AltaVista. The reason for this isrepparttar 128074 ongoing abuserepparttar 128075 doorway page technology has been subject to overrepparttar 128076 years. With fairly cheap programs around generating hundreds of doorways at one go, you can hardly blamerepparttar 128077 engines for implementing some self-protective countermeasures.

Another major issue concernsrepparttar 128078 restrictions imposed on volume of page submissions. Search engines tend to limitrepparttar 128079 number of pages a domain may submit per day. While such limits are seldom publicized and may vary widely from one engine to another, a general guideline adhered to by most search engine optimization professionals is about 5 pages per day and domain.

For large web sites generating hundreds or thousands of new pages (dynamic or static) per year, it is therefore paramount to work around this limitation in order to get as many pages indexed as possible. The more web pages represent a web site in a search engine index,repparttar 128080 greaterrepparttar 128081 chances of generating pre-qualified traffic.

Even if you're only selling a handful of products, any web marketing expert will tell you that you are well advised to feature each of them on a highly focused mini-site because this will considerably increase your search engine exposure and, hence, your chances of driving visitors your way. The obvious drawback of this strategy lies inrepparttar 128082 fact that while you may make a lot of one-item sales this way, getting customers to buy several products at one pop isn't quite that easy without diluting your site's thematic focus again.

This is where Doorway Domains come in. They differ from tread-of-the-mill doorway pages in that they constitute dedicated web sites in their own right - highly focused, very targeted and immensely positionable. Onrepparttar 128083 other hand, they are not identical with mini-sites because human visitors will never get to see them!

Instead, they are search engine spider fodder at its very best - optimized torepparttar 128084 last byte, they can achieve excellent rankings. They will usually consist of several pages, each of which is optimized in a different manner: meta tags, titles, keyword density, etc. With every page following a slightly different basic optimization method or algorithm, they can target all important search engines and their various references in an incredibly effective buckshot strategy.

An easy way to build traffic

Written by Jerks.Com

Inrepparttar old days ofrepparttar 128066 Internet (1995) people saidrepparttar 128067 phrase "build it and they will come"

This has changed however.. with more and more sites onrepparttar 128068 net you have to do something that will attract people. I have found some things that have worked.

Look at allrepparttar 128069 largest sites onrepparttar 128070 Internet. Yahoo, Altavista, Lycos, and Jayde you will see something very similar with them. There is hardly any advanced graphics or Javascripts on these sites. It is very straight forward with simple text based menu with simple compressed graphics.

I will use Yahoo as a example. It isrepparttar 128071 Largest site onrepparttar 128072 Internet in terms of traffic. The site layout is VERY straightforward with no moving graphics or Javascript. This is something that people should note when designing a site. GRAPHICS TAKE TIME TO DOWNLOAD!

When I visit a graphic intensive site I might takerepparttar 128073 time to wait untilrepparttar 128074 download is complete ifrepparttar 128075 graphics are really cool... but trust me..repparttar 128076 second time I go torepparttar 128077 site (if there would be a second time) I will hit that stop button faster than you can say "long download"

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