Building Castles Made Of Sand!

Written by Roy Hall

A word of encouragement: There is light atrepparttar end ofrepparttar 117002 tunnel, so do not give up!

I guess, if one were to take a poll, or do some kind of extensive research, probably it would reveal that there are several thousands or maybe even millions of people who have and are doing just asrepparttar 117003 title says, "building castles made of sand." As I look back overrepparttar 117004 past few years, I find that this is exactly what I have done too.

I am sure, that there are many times when you are ready to throw inrepparttar 117005 towel, and just give up. But for whatever reason, you decide to continue on, and you keep on signing up with more and more programs, in hopes that one of them just might allow you to realize some kind of income.

Sorepparttar 117006 question ofrepparttar 117007 day has to be, just what are you willing to do for you to stop involving yourself in these failing ventures? Well, for us to answer this question fully it comes down to you coming to some understanding about yourself, and what you are willing to do to make a successful venture a possibility. So let's ponder on these questions, and come to some conclusion as to what is most important to you:

1. The first question that needs to be faced, do you really want to be involved in a Home Based business onrepparttar 117008 Internet? This isrepparttar 117009 first andrepparttar 117010 most basic question that needs to be answered.

2. The next question, are you willing to put forthrepparttar 117011 needed effort that is required to have a successful venture? If one is not willing to put inrepparttar 117012 time andrepparttar 117013 needed resources to make things to start happening, a business will not promote itself, it is you that must dorepparttar 117014 promoting.

3. Speaking of necessary resources, do you have a source of money available where you can spendrepparttar 117015 necessary funds to promote your business? While there are several ways for one to advertise a business, ones that are either FREE, or at a very low cost, you cannot totally rely on these methods asrepparttar 117016 complete way of promoting your business. One free way of course, is for to write articles for Ezines such asrepparttar 117017 one that you are now reading.

After you have fully explored allrepparttar 117018 above questions, and come to grips with these questions, and you have answered them all inrepparttar 117019 affirmative, then it is time to makerepparttar 117020 next move.

1. It is time to search outrepparttar 117021 business that suits you, your values, and your personality, for this too, is important and needs your consideration. There are companies and programs being offered, where you supposedly, are not required to do anything to make money. My advice regarding these programs, you need to be VERY CAUTIOUS and search outrepparttar 117022 truth about each program.

Which Web Business Model Is Right For You?

Written by Valerie Tay

Let's say you're a furniture dealer and you’ve decided to sell your products online. What sort of web business model is most suitable for you?

Web business models differ as torepparttar kind of skills andrepparttar 117001 specific responsibilities involved. Each model also has a particular source of profit. The three most common web business models are:

=>selling physical products =>offering services =>information delivery.

Product Sales

This isrepparttar 117002 web business model that comes to people’s mind most easily thanks to major product sales sites like or online malls like This model is about selling physical products thatrepparttar 117003 merchant must ship to his customer upon receiving an online order.

The three main ways to carry on a business under this model is by web storefront, auction site and online mall (a site that sells products from different vendors).

Service Sales

Besides selling products, you can also sell services online. For example, many web designers have their “shops” which market their web designing service set up in cyberspace. Withrepparttar 117004 popularity of small businesses, especially home-based ones, conducting business viarepparttar 117005 Internet, there are a number of sites offering services for web business owners. For instance, designs a screensaver that you can offer as a free download to web users to brand and market your web business. Another example is websites offering to write your web copy, so that your site is filled with language and emotion that will entice your prospects to click onrepparttar 117006 “buy” button.

Information Delivery

There are several ways, which you can make money by delivering information online. The most common method is making people pay in order to viewrepparttar 117007 information you have posted on your website. This method is used by major companies such as as well as home based business owners. Onrepparttar 117008 latter, examples include:

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