Build an Internet Store and sell your hobby!

Written by Bentley Thompson

What a concept! Actually, it is more than a concept. This method of creating your internet store is a sure-shot home business idea, a work at home opportunity second to none.

Ordinary people like bartenders, single parents, teachers, fitness enthusiasts, retired professionals, and a host of others, all make extra income from content sites.

Think of what financial breakthrough could come your way by doing exactly what you love! It's exactly as Confucius put it, "findrepparttar job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life."

Take a look at examples of some ofrepparttar 117345 most popular sites onrepparttar 117346 Internet. Just go to http://www.createhomebusiness/mikino and scroll down to "Interviews with Site Build It! users..."

You will see that these are all ordinary people, many of them never built a website before! How do they do it?

If you look you will see that it is no secret. You can create your own hobby store, or hobby shop, or whatever you call it. If you are a sport fan you could create your own online sport book, or hobby magazine.

But how does this make money for you?

Perfect affiliate opportunity

This isrepparttar 117347 perfect affiliate opportunity. Affiliate marketing is becoming competitive nowadays. However, your big online business opportunity comes when you find your niche - and this is easy.

The Site BuildIt! set of tools presentrepparttar 117348 best work at home opportunity for this increasingly popular income source. If you are looking for an internet business opportunity, take a look at Site BuildIt!

Get More Customers – With Less Work!

Written by Jennifer Tripp

A lot of website owners work tirelessly at increasing their traffic. They submit to FFA pages and classified sites. They participate in startup programs and pop under exchanges. There is no end torepparttar gimmicks they will try, all inrepparttar 117344 hopes that they’ll get more customers.

If you’re one of these website owners, there is an easier way to increase your sales! By improving your conversion rate you’ll be able to make more money fromrepparttar 117345 visitors you’re already getting. What is a conversion rate you ask? Well, quite simply, it’srepparttar 117346 percentage of visitors that you’re converting into customers. Most websites have a conversion rate of 1% - 2% on average. That means that out of 100 visitors only 1 - 2 are turned into customers. You can seerepparttar 117347 benefit of increasing that number. If you can get a conversion rate of 3% you’re now making more sales without having to do any extra work or spend any more money to get traffic.

So how do you improve your conversion rate? Here are 11 steps you can take right now…

1. Make surerepparttar 117348 traffic visiting your site is targeted and looking to buy. The key point here is “looking to buy”. There are a lot of services that offer targeted traffic butrepparttar 117349 visitors have no intention of buying. Ifrepparttar 117350 person isn’t interested in purchasing then you’re wasting time and money showing them your ad.

2. Make sure that when people land at your website from an ad there is a correlation. Far too often people click on an ad that is discussing one topic and are taken torepparttar 117351 home page ofrepparttar 117352 company. Instead of takingrepparttar 117353 time to search forrepparttar 117354 information they read about inrepparttar 117355 ad, they leave. Avoid this problem by sending people to a specific page within your site that discussesrepparttar 117356 same products you mentioned in your ad – if such a page doesn’t exist then create a mini-site.

3. Have a professionally designed site and copy that is written to sell. A good sales letter includes benefits forrepparttar 117357 user (not just a features list), testimonials and action statements that encouragerepparttar 117358 reader to takerepparttar 117359 next step.

4. Offer more value. With each product offer free eBooks, reports, consulting, or whatever else your visitors would find valuable - These items don’t cost you anything and there is a perceived value that can encourage someone who’s onrepparttar 117360 fence to takerepparttar 117361 leap and buy.

5. Offer a free trial or money back guarantee. People are naturally sceptical, especially onrepparttar 117362 Internet where they can’t see a live person and decide for themselves whether they’re trustworthy. A great way to encourage them to trust you is by showing them that you believe in your product so much that you’re willing to let them try it free – or that you’ll give them a full refund if they’re not satisfied.

6. Do everything possible to getrepparttar 117363 visitors name and email address so you can follow-up. Do this by offering a great newsletter, a special report, an autoresponder series, a free eBook, a giveaway/contest, a free tool. There are endless ways to get people to give their contact information – play around with different offers on your site to see what works.

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