Build An Internet Parthenon, Part 2

Written by Daniel Ramos

Do you notice a very important fact aboutrepparttar Greek Parthenon? It is this:repparttar 125227 heavy roof is supported by numerous pillars. Without those pillars,repparttar 125228 roof would collapse. My personal mentor and friend Jay Abraham calls this The Parthenon Principle.

The Parthenon Principle, simply explained, is this: Have multiple pillars generate revenue rather than one or two. Your business could collapse if it's only supported by one or two income streams. Too many business owners gamble everything on a single revenue source. They often get attached to one type of marketing - and overlookrepparttar 125229 fact that there are at least a dozen income streams they could access!

What may not seem obvious is this:repparttar 125230 more "pillars" you have,repparttar 125231 larger and heavierrepparttar 125232 roof that you can support. The more income-generating methods you have,repparttar 125233 larger revenue roof you will have. Here I'll continue to open your eyes to whatrepparttar 125234 possibilities are, and what opportunities you might be missing

Inrepparttar 125235 previous article, I introduced you to 13 different pillars your online business could use to generate additional revenue streams. In this article I am oing to introduce you to twelve (12) additional pillars your online business can use to generate revenue.

As you go through these "pillars" think ofrepparttar 125236 ways that you can apply them for your business. DO NOT, at first glance, discard them and say they don't apply to you. Think instead ofrepparttar 125237 possibilities in how they COULD apply to you.

USP Most websites try to be many things to all people. That's a mistake. Instead develop a USP (unique selling proposition) that clearly defines who you are, what you uniquely do, and why your website isrepparttar 125238 site of choice to visit. Your website should convey this USP throughout, stressingrepparttar 125239 benefit of doing business with you. Don't be wishy-washy in your approach; be straightforward and sell. Hard. Clearly convince site visitors ofrepparttar 125240 benefits you can give them and do so by staying within a product or service niche. Less confusing, higher margins. Learn precisely how to create a USP at Jay Abraham's site:

Reciprocal links Surfrepparttar 125241 web and find complementary sites to yours; sendrepparttar 125242 webmaster an email saying (a) you visitedrepparttar 125243 website, (b) complementing them on one or two specific things aboutrepparttar 125244 site you liked, (c) and request a reciprocal link to your website. Keep a page on your site where you put links to other sites, however make sure that your visitors don't hit that page too soon in their visit to your website, leaving your website too soon!

Newsgroups Dejanews [] isrepparttar 125245 primary website onramp to over 45,000 discussion groups. Now, don't getrepparttar 125246 idea that once you find a discussion group, you can begin aggressively marketing your services. That's considered SPAM and will make you look really bad. Instead, participate in discussion groups relevant to your industry and customer demographics, adding torepparttar 125247 discussion in helpful ways, and letrepparttar 125248 "signature" atrepparttar 125249 end of your messages do your marketing for you. People will gradually get to know and trust you, visit your site, and do business with you

IRC IRC stands for Internet Relay Chat. IRC is a form of chat on repparttar 125250 Internet where you can enter channels (rooms) and have real-time discussions based onrepparttar 125251 topic thatrepparttar 125252 channel generally discusses. You can also create your own channels and hold text-based conferences with Internet users all over repparttar 125253 world. Userepparttar 125254 same policy about IRC as you use for Newsgroups; be helpful but not overly obsessed with pitching your products. Over time, other channel members will come to recognize your expertise and inquire privately about your business. See for a more detailed explanation of how IRC works and how to get in.

Awards Once your site is completed, you've gotten rid ofrepparttar 125255 Under Construction signs, andrepparttar 125256 website runs fast, then its time to consider applying for awards. Most award sites automatically subscribe entrants into an ezine. Winners are not only announced atrepparttar 125257 website, and you are informed by email, but are also announced in its ezine with a link to your site. Larger award sites send press releases to a wider audience. Consider these award programs: Award-It []and Award Sites [] and of course, our own program:

GOOD ONLINE PRESS CENTERS: key to getting a reporters' attention

Written by Barry Forward

A successful Web site needs to create interest, maintain customer attention and generaterepparttar desire to purchase a product or service, motivating customers to follow through with an order. An online press center or virtual newsroom -- where you inform users about new products and announce events -- allows journalists and your customers to see that you're a professional in your industry. It will also help deal with emergencies and offer you opportunities to lend your voice to issue that affect your business.

A virtual newsroom is a must for small businesses who want to raise their profile and build their reputation. Journalists often userepparttar 125226 Internet to source stories and conduct research into a news story. If your Web site comes up as an authority on an issue,repparttar 125227 journalist will check out your Web site and be impressed if there is an online press center that containsrepparttar 125228 information needed to write a story. It also establishes your business reputation if you takerepparttar 125229 time to build an online press center, because not only journalists will access it.

There are several key things to consider when your setting uprepparttar 125230 online press center section of your website. Your online press center should atrepparttar 125231 very least includerepparttar 125232 following elements: * News release(s) * Photos and illustrations * Fact sheets * Backgrounders * Biographies

Biographies provide a quick summary ofrepparttar 125233 relevant background of an individual, withrepparttar 125234 objective of building credibility.

Visuals that might be included in an online press center include a downloadable logo --repparttar 125235 identity of your business -- and downloadable online photographs of your key executives. Photographs are especially useful as they put a picture to a name and can be used byrepparttar 125236 press to accompany a news story.

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