Build An Internet Parthenon, Part 1

Written by Daniel Ramos

Dedicated to Athena Parthenos,repparttar great Parthenon was designed by architects Ictinus and Callicrates and built overrepparttar 125230 years 447-432 B.C. Basically it is a simple rectangular building, 237 feet long by 110« feet wide, with Doric columns around its four sides. A pediment on each end rises to a slanting roof. Withrepparttar 125231 exception ofrepparttar 125232 roof frame and parts ofrepparttar 125233 ceiling,repparttar 125234 entire temple is constructed in marble. To this dayrepparttar 125235 Parthenon remains repparttar 125236 masterpiece of consummate proportions.

Do you notice a very important fact about this structure? It is this:repparttar 125237 heavy roof is supported by numerous pillars. Without those pillars,repparttar 125238 roof would collapse. My personal mentor and friend Jay Abraham calls this The Parthenon Principle.

The Parthenon Principle, simply explained, is this: Have multiple pillars generate revenue rather than one or two. Your business could collapse if it's only supported by one or two income streams. Too many business owners gamble everything on a single revenue source. They often get attached to one type of marketing - and overlookrepparttar 125239 fact that there are at least a dozen income streams they could access!

Most companies in general, generate revenue - through one or two methods they depend on and use over and over and over. However, what happens when one of those "pillars" crashes? If just ONE pillar were to go down in this scenario, you would risk losing up to 50% of your business. Ouch!

What happens if one ofrepparttar 125240 pillars goes down? Dorepparttar 125241 math! If one of these TEN pillars went down, it wouldn't be catastrophic - it may even represent up to 10% of your business.

I submit however, what if your business had 15, or 20, or even 30 DIFFERENT ways, or "pillars" for generating revenue? That would make a difference, wouldn't it?

What may not seem obvious is this:repparttar 125242 more "pillars" you have,repparttar 125243 larger and heavierrepparttar 125244 roof that you can support. The more income-generating methods you have,repparttar 125245 larger revenue roof you will have. I will show you how to have more pillars by opening your eyes to whatrepparttar 125246 possibilities are, and what opportunities you might be missing.

In this article I am going to introduce you to a bakers dozen (yes, 13) different pillars your online business can use to generate revenue. Is that all there is, 13? No, but lets start here first and if you're bold enough, I may follow-up this article with a part 2 or even, part 3. As you go through these "pillars" think ofrepparttar 125247 ways that you can apply them for your business. DO NOT, at first glance, discard them and say they don't apply to you. Think ofrepparttar 125248 possibilities of how they COULD apply to you.

On torepparttar 125249 list:

Keywords Sit down and brainstorm as many keywords and phrases that someone might use to find a business like yours on Internet search engines. Be sure that you not only take into account not only keywords and phrases you might come up with, but also get fresh outside perspectives. Once you haverepparttar 125250 list, refine it to about 20 keywords and have your webdesigner insert these atrepparttar 125251 top of your webpages inrepparttar 125252

section in this format:

Include your URL on offline materials Put your website address onto every piece of marketing material you have, be it business cards, letterheads, invoices, brochures, everything. You don't have to include repparttar 125253 http:// justrepparttar 125254 will do just fine.

Capture email addresses from site visitors BIG tip here. Design a box on your website where visitors can leave you their name and email address, minimally. Offer them something in exchange (see next tip) and include a checkbox whererepparttar 125255 visitor gives you consent to e-mail them updates about products or services. This gives you "permission" to market to them and even remind them to revisit your website again. Keep these in a database for future and frequent use.

Publish an Ezine No bones about - producing an ezine (newsletter your email) on a weekly, monthly or quarterly basis, is hard work. But it is one ofrepparttar 125256 best ways, once you've established a solid list of email addresses, to keep in touch with those who have visited your site, build loyalty, develop brand awareness, and build future business. Don't make it long and boring, but relevant, easy to read, and something your reader can make use of. You can distribute it via your email program or subscribe to a listserver.

Press releases If you have a newsworthy event, why not consider writing a brief, one-page release and send it to print periodicals and other ezines? You can do it by hand or userepparttar 125257 services of Internet News Bureau [], Eric Ward's URLwire [], andrepparttar 125258 Netrageous PR Center found at []

How can I promote my web site???

Written by Glennette Yelverton

It can be really exciting to get a web site for your business and a lot of pride goes along with knowing that you now have an internet presence! However, many people don't realize that having a site is not worth very much to you if you’rerepparttar only one who knows it's there.

The following are recommendations for promoting your site:

(1) Live, breathe and eat your site - Well, OK, maybe I'm exaggerating this point but what I mean is that you should always have your site atrepparttar 125229 forefront of your mind. By doing this, you'll remember to tell people that you meet about it, you'll remind your family and friends about it, etc. It's very important to let everyone you come in contact with know about your site, especially if you provide a service! Even if someone isn’t in need of your service right now, they may be inrepparttar 125230 near future! Also, they may be talking to someone a week later who is looking forrepparttar 125231 service you're providing!

(2) Takerepparttar 125232 time to research how search engines work! The vast majority of popular sites onrepparttar 125233 internet can attribute their site's traffic to search engines. It's important that your site is registered withrepparttar 125234 search engines. Sites like and can help you learn all about how search engines work. The word you need to keep in mind when trying to get listed is "Persistence"! If at all possible, takerepparttar 125235 time to submit your site manually and keep track of how it's doing. Don't "spam"repparttar 125236 search engines by submitting too often but keep a watch on your positioning and re-submit as needed, in accordance with each search engine's guidelines.

(3) Promotional items - This goes without saying, almost. The single most important item that can promote your business is business cards! They're pretty inexpensive when bought in bulk (about $.03/card if you buy 1000) and they're so readily accepted. I give my card out to just about everyone I come in contact with. You will be surprised how many people need your services once they know that you provide them. When you give someone your card, you’re not just giving it to them. You’re giving it to people they come in contact with because, like I mentioned earlier, someone may ask them a week later if they know anyone providing your service. Remember that people love FREE stuff! If you can have T-shirts, pens, caps, etc. printed with your site's name and URL, people will gladly accept these. I haven't had anyone say "No thank you" yet!

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