Buffer Under-run Protection & Its Value in Duplication

Written by John McGrath

What is it? It is known by many names, "BURN-Proof", "SafeBurn", and "lossless linking" to name but a few. Regardless ofrepparttar name, they are all buffer under-run prevention strategies. Inrepparttar 133493 dark days of CD-R recording, before we had BURN-Proof andrepparttar 133494 like, if a drive's on-board buffer became empty,repparttar 133495 write would fail leaving an incomplete and unusable disc. The on-board buffer ofrepparttar 133496 drive is analogous torepparttar 133497 fuel tank on a military aircraft, which relies on periodic in-flight refuelings. Ifrepparttar 133498 jet's fuel runs out,repparttar 133499 plane will crash. The host computer, or duplication controller, isrepparttar 133500 refueling aircraft. If it cannot supply DATA as fast asrepparttar 133501 drive consumes it,repparttar 133502 write process will fail. Essentially, what buffer under-run prevention gives you is a means to pause whilerepparttar 133503 host catches up. Why do I need it for my PC? Buffer under-run prevention was really a response from drive manufacturers to overcome limiting factors that were preventing drives from going to higher write speeds. Many PCs were, and still are, simply not up torepparttar 133504 task of writing at these higher speeds. The burden of handling so many technical support calls was more than anyone was willing to deal with. The answer was simply to designrepparttar 133505 drives in a way whereby ifrepparttar 133506 computer could not deliverrepparttar 133507 data as fast asrepparttar 133508 CD-R drive required, it would simply pause and wait forrepparttar 133509 PC to catch up. No coasters, no tech calls. Why does it not make sense on a high performance duplication system? A

DialResults’ Converged Communications Solutions for your contact center by Richard Logan

Written by Richard Logan

Voice communications and data technologies have been converging for several years. PBXs, which have historically been voice-only products have evolved and now offer dialer features. Dialers and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) databases have also evolved and can now be linked seamlessly to PBXs. Today some ofrepparttar most interesting products fully integraterepparttar 133492 PBX, dialer and CRM technology into a single box in new exciting ways. DialResults is onrepparttar 133493 forefront of this innovative change. The result for call centers is a system with more advanced capabilities at a lower cost. DialResults – Helping Move torepparttar 133494 Digital World DialResults uses IP enabled Predictive Dialer technology that is fully integrated with digital PBX switch technology. This technology will greatly improve efficiency, convenience, and cost effectiveness in a contact center environment. It does this by providing a fully converged communications solution today and platform forrepparttar 133495 call center of tomorrow. DialResults is enabling today's solutions, and tomorrow's, by supplying open standards for your contact centers’ converged communications no matter what type of calling environment you need: support centers, lead qualification, collections, mortgage or just general CRM applications. DialResults converged applications are available today and can be tailored or customized specifically for your type of call center business. With DialResults you will see an increase in customer satisfaction and a major return on investment in both human and technology resources. DialResults will also provide you with a competitive advantage right now, and inrepparttar 133496 future as you add additional fully converged call center applications. DialResults is ready now. DialResults Converged Communications: Efficient, Convenient, and Cost Effective

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