Bryce Canyon National Park

Written by Gregg Strand

Bryce Canyon is a small national park in southwestern Utah. Named afterrepparttar Mormon Pioneer Ebenezer Bryce, Bryce Canyon became a national park in 1924.

Bryce is famous for its worldly unique geology, consisting of a series of horseshoe-shaped amphitheaters carved fromrepparttar 143783 eastern edge ofrepparttar 143784 Paunsaugunt Plateau in southern Utah. The erosional force of frost-wedging andrepparttar 143785 dissolving power of rainwater has shapedrepparttar 143786 colorful limestone rock ofrepparttar 143787 Claron Formation into bizarre shapes including slot canyons, windows, fins, and spires called "hoodoos." Tinted with colors too numerous and subtle to name, these whimsically arranged rocks create a wondrous landscape of mazes, offering some ofrepparttar 143788 most exciting and memorable walks and hikes imaginable.

It isrepparttar 143789 uniqueness ofrepparttar 143790 rocks that caused Bryce Canyon to be designated as a national park. The hoodoos are formed when ice and rainwater wear awayrepparttar 143791 weak limestone that makes uprepparttar 143792 Claron Formation. Howeverrepparttar 143793 hoodoos geologic story is also closely tied torepparttar 143794 rest ofrepparttar 143795 Grand Staircase region andrepparttar 143796 Cedar and Black Mountains volcanic complex. In short, Bryce has enough fascinating geology to fill a textbook.

Ireland's Bunratty Manor Hotel in the Heart of the Irish Shannon Region

Written by Kriss Hammond

Welcome to Bunratty Manor Hotel inrepparttar most traditional of Irish villages inrepparttar 143761 heart ofrepparttar 143762 Shannon Area in County Clare in western Ireland.

Situated conveniently close to Shannon Airport only 15 minutes away, with worldwide air connections. Bunratty Manor Hotel is also close to world-class golf resorts. Be sure to visit Bunratty Castle and Folk Park only two blocks away for a unique Medieval feast – open year around, orrepparttar 143763 Bunratty Winery or Ireland’s oldest pub – Durty Nellie’s – all within walking distance of Bunratty Manor Hotel.

Bunratty Manor Hotel is a very special and unique property where each guest is an individual and where traditional standards of personalized service and guest comfort take priority. Your hosts are Noel and Fiona Wallace, who have been welcoming guests for many years torepparttar 143764 14 room Manor. Noel is known throughout Ireland for his cuisine skills. Bunratty Manor Restaurant serves traditional locally sourced and fresh seafoods, meats and game. With a full bar and extensive wine list,repparttar 143765 restaurant provides services for groups of up to 40 as well and individual reservations for residents and non-residents. Evenrepparttar 143766 locals loverepparttar 143767 cuisine. For groups please give us 2 weeks advance notice. Email us at or visit our website at

Restaurant hours are from 6:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m.

Bunratty Manor Hotel provides quiet and clean accommodations, with new furniture throughoutrepparttar 143768 Victorian-style hotel.

Queen Room: Spacious Room with 1 Queen Bed,

Garden view, Tea/Coffee. Max Occupancy 2 Adults and 1 Child.

Double Room: Pleasant Room with 1 Double Bed, Garden view, Tea/Coffee. Max Occupancy 2 Adults.

Twin Room: Spacious Room with Twin Beds, Garden view, Tea/Coffee. Max Occupancy 2 Adults and 1 Child.

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