Brother Tiger, Brother Bear

Written by Nancy R. Fenn

I thought this would be an animal story. Last week, on his 59th birthday, Roy Horn of Siegfried & Roy was mauled by his seven year old 600 lb. white tiger, Montecore, in front of a sellout crowd atrepparttar Mirage Hotel whererepparttar 122349 show has been playing since 1990.

Roy Horn is having his second Saturn Return, which began just a month ago. Roy’s Saturn is in Cancer inrepparttar 122350 Twelfth House. That’s why this isn’t going to be an animal story, it’s going to be a story about families and it’s going to be a very sad one because what someone with Saturn in Cancer wants more than anything else inrepparttar 122351 world is to have a family like everyone else’s.

“Happy families are all alike,” wrote Leo Tolstoy, whose Saturn was at 29 Cancer. “Every unhappy family is unhappy in its own way.” Because Saturn describes our wound in life, when it is in Cancer,repparttar 122352 wound is about family, about feeling wanted, about feeling safe.

During our first Saturn Return, 28-30 years old, we turn to address this wound consciously. We take it on as our own, our badge of courage. We no longer “blame it” on our parents, but decide to make of ourselves what we can.

Atrepparttar 122353 second Saturn Return, 58-60, there is an opportunity to review progress and perhaps approachrepparttar 122354 issue from a higher perspective. When healing has taken place through personal effort, Saturn bestows an award. You can count on this. Unlike Neptune, Saturn always keeps his promises.

At Tolstoy’s second Saturn Return,repparttar 122355 Russian aristocrat tried to will all his property to his serfs and set them free. His family stopped him. The startling part of this story is that thirty years earlier, at his first Saturn Return, he tried to dorepparttar 122356 same thing. The peasants were suspicious and refused to go along.

Saturn in Cancer poses this question with great longing, “Where are my people?” In Tolstoy’s case, was it his wife and 12 children? Or was itrepparttar 122357 peasants? Tolstoy even began to dress like a peasant later in life. In many cases where Saturn is in Cancer your people are notrepparttar 122358 people in your family. This was certainlyrepparttar 122359 case with Roy Horn.

Roy’s childhood was difficult. His step-father became an abusive alcoholic after his career plummeted. Speaking about his past, Roy has said, “If it wasn’t for Hexe, I wouldn’t be sitting here today.”

Hexe was a wolfdog. Roy and Hexe were inseparable. They roamedrepparttar 122360 woods together. Roy is referring to an incident where he was sucked into a swamp and Hexe ran for help. But looking at this chart, I’d be tempted to interpretrepparttar 122361 statement at an emotional level as well. It may be that Roy’s emotional bond with Hexe is alsorepparttar 122362 reason he’s still here. This bond must have been a source of comfort and companionship for Roy. It is difficult to understand how abandoned children with Saturn in Cancer can feel, though they may haverepparttar 122363 physical presence of adults and other children. Hexe was Roy’s lifeline.

Roy’s ability to bond with animals continued throughout his life. This doesn’t mean he liked them a lot or wanted to rescue them. A bond is much more even than that. To understand Saturn in Cancer, we need to understand that children bond because their lives depend on it. Many British children who lived in London during World War Two were separated from their families and taken to outlying areas for safety. Some of them actually died fromrepparttar 122364 trauma of this separation from their families. Disruption of family life occurred acrossrepparttar 122365 war torn western world and Roy’s family was no different.

Fixed Stars, Not Fixed Fates!

Written by Nancy R. Fenn

"What hogwash!" he said, only he used a different word. "When you screw up your life, you blame astrology, like you had no choice because you were born at a certain time." Now he was smiling. "The reason I do drugs and can't keep my fly zipped isn't because of any stars! Like my old man knocked up my mother when Scorpio was Rising and because of that I'm going to jail? I don't think so! I'm going to jail because I’m bad torepparttar bone!"

This is a speech made by Edmundrepparttar 122348 Bastard in Act I, Scene ii of Shakespeare’s King Lear. I brought it up to date.

Edmund plots to turn his father against his half brother, Edward, butrepparttar 122349 boys’ father won’t go for it. He excuses Edward’s recent strange behavior by "these late eclipses inrepparttar 122350 sun and moon …."

Edmund says he was born underrepparttar 122351 Dragon's tail,repparttar 122352 South Node ofrepparttar 122353 Moon. That could be in any sign. He’s making a play on words. To be born under any animal’s tale is probably a slur on Edmund's mother who was not married atrepparttar 122354 time of his conception.

Edmund’s "nativity" or horoscope is under Ursa Major,repparttar 122355 constellation whererepparttar 122356 Big Dipper resides. Atrepparttar 122357 time of this play, most ofrepparttar 122358 stars in Ursa Major were in late degrees of Leo andrepparttar 122359 first half of Virgo.

It's a funny coincidence (no such thing?) when Edmund speculates, what if he were born under "the maidliest star" -- because that's exactly when he was born. If under Ursa Major, thenrepparttar 122360 influence of Virgo,repparttar 122361 Maiden.

Edmund shows a mistake people sometimes make about astrology. You can't be born "under something", you have to be born whenrepparttar 122362 Sun is "in something".

Edmund's character is used as a contrast to King Lear's very evil daughters, Goneril and Regan. King Lear is destroyed by their cruelty. While these girls are dark torepparttar 122363 core, Edmund is openly, carelessly and light-heartedly villainous. Back then as now, some people are bad but some people are really evil. M. Scott Peck wrote a good book to help with this distinction, The Road Less Traveled.

Edmund actually has a pretty good handle on an important concept in humanistic astrology -- way before Dane Rudhyar (1895-1985) wrote his books. It is our character that determines our fate, not our horoscope.

Thousands of people are bornrepparttar 122364 same hour, day, year and even minute all overrepparttar 122365 world; yet no two are alike. The energy ofrepparttar 122366 stars is neutral like electricity but there is a Soul lying beneathrepparttar 122367 horoscope which usesrepparttar 122368 energy for good or ill.

Charles Darwin was born on February 12, 1809 in Shrewsbury, England. Abraham Lincoln was born on February 12, 1809 in Larue County, Kentucky. It was a good day for men!

There's nothing evil about being born in Virgo. In fact many Virgos are amongrepparttar 122369 most gentle people. But 9 degrees of Virgo is a degree of homicide. Alioth of Ursa Major in Shakespeare’s time was at about 7 degrees Virgo while Mizar and Alcor were at 12 degrees Virgo.

I think, too, that Shakespeare refers torepparttar 122370 importance Ursa Major has always had inrepparttar 122371 northern hemisphere. It is one ofrepparttar 122372 first things children learn to pick out inrepparttar 122373 starry night sky.

Ursa Major isn't part ofrepparttar 122374 zodiac but its stars can be seen vividly at night. There are seven main stars, Alkaid, Mizar, Alioth, Megrez, Phecda, Merak and Dubhe.

The last two are special stars people use to siterepparttar 122375 North Star (Polaris). Mizar has a fainter companion, Alcor. As everyone knows, if you can see these two stars with your own two eyes, you have good eyesight!

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