Broadcast vs Direct Ads

Written by David A. Wells

How To Design and Deploy a Marketing Campaign

Even if your ad budget is small you should still plan and measurerepparttar results of you advertising. This process isrepparttar 137051 key to your ultimate success.

You see, there are two types of advertising. The first is broadcast marketing. This category includes TV and radio commercials. While broadcast ads can be effective they are very expensive and almost impossible to measure.

And you can’t manage what you can’t measure.

Which brings us to direct marketing. These ads are sent directly to your prospects. Sales letters, coupons, and order ready websites are some examples of this type of ad. Butrepparttar 137052 truth is, any ad that you can accurately measurerepparttar 137053 results for falls intorepparttar 137054 category of direct marketing.

The advantage of direct marketing is that it is more science than art. You can key every ad you use and measurerepparttar 137055 real world results exactly.

Sales Letters That Sell!

Written by David A. Wells

Have you ever sat down to write a sales letter and been at a complete loss where to start? It happens to all of us.

Sales letters are hard to write. And writing a good one takes a lot of time, research and effort. But…a good letter will make you money.

The best place to start is with research. You want to know everything you can aboutrepparttar product or products you’re selling. At this point you’re interested in specific information.

The details are vital. You want to understand and be able to clearly and thoroughly describe every aspect ofrepparttar 137050 program you’re writing for.

Print your notes on a few sheets of paper so you have them when you’re ready to begin writing.

Next you want to do some research on your target market. Againrepparttar 137051 specifics are important.

Start by definingrepparttar 137052 characteristics ofrepparttar 137053 typical prospect who would benefit most from your product. Be as thorough as possible.

What problem will your product solve for your client? Get inside their head. Seerepparttar 137054 whole loan process from their point of view. Constantly ask “why would they want to do this”?

Make another few pages of notes.

Your first set of notes are features. They’re what your product does. The second set of notes are benefits. They’rerepparttar 137055 reasonrepparttar 137056 prospect will decide to buy or not.

Now you’re ready to write. Start withrepparttar 137057 headline. The best place to look forrepparttar 137058 theme of your headline is in your benefits notes.

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