Britney Spears in Danger of Losing Kevin Federline?

Written by Nathaniel Quest

Britney Spears says now that she's pregnant, she'll never look sexy again. And she doesn't care how she looks now coz she's happily married.

Are you sure about that, Britney? I suggest you think about what you're saying long and hard.

Remember how you met Kevin Federline? You were glamorous and beautiful, right? And Kevin liked how you looked like so much that he didn't have second thought about leaving Shar Jackson who was his fiancee then. And Shar Jackson was also pregnant then with Kevin's baby.

Do People Envy Paris Hilton So Much They Want to See Her Die?

Written by Nathaniel Quest

See Paris Hilton Die says one caption on one ofrepparttar new horror flick House of Wax's promotional materials.

Now why would we want to see Paris Hilton,repparttar 138306 sweet and cuddly hotel heiress, die? Is it because everything about her is fun, or about having fun, and to see her die would berepparttar 138307 most fun of all? Are we a sick bunch of people? Wanting to see someone die?

Ok now, before I become anymore serious, am not really being serious here. Who inrepparttar 138308 world can take Paris Hilton seriously? Ooops, isn't that a scary thought--not to be taken seriously by others? Aren't we all longing to have a place of importance in this world... to be taken seriously?

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