Brief web Design Tips

Written by Richard Lowe

Here is a list of some tips to help you with your web pages. These are simply suggestions to help you create a better surfing experience for your visitors.

Avoid Under Construction signs - All good web sites should always be under construction. Includingrepparttar words "under construction", or worse yet a blinking animation, only makes you look like an amateur. These notices are so frowned upon that directories such as Yahoo will not accept sites with one onrepparttar 134643 home page. Most awards programs will immediately reject any sites displaying this dishonorable phrase.

Don't use a hundred different fonts onrepparttar 134644 same page - You can run into all kinds of problems when you use fonts onrepparttar 134645 internet. There are incompatibilities between operating systems (Unix, Mac and Windows all work differently) and browsers. Fonts have to be installed locally by your visitor - if he doesn't have it installed your page may look funny to him.

If you mix many different fonts on your page you are almost immediately known as an amateur. A font or two is fine, but work to avoidrepparttar 134646 "ransom note" effect.

Don't write your HTML to a particular browser - Browsers change very quickly. The one that is popular today may be almost unused in a few months. So don't spend any time trying to fit your HTML to Internet Explorer or Netscape or Opera. Just make good HTML and then letrepparttar 134647 browser do it's job.

Use style sheets - Style sheets (known as CSS) is a way to gain incredible control over how items are displayed on your pages. Better still, you can create one style sheet document and reference it from all over your web. This way, if you want to change, say, your text color from green to blue, you only have to change one file. Every reference torepparttar 134648 style will automatically and immediately get changed.

Include Meta Tags - Meta tags are used to tellrepparttar 134649 outside world, especially search engines, all about your pages. You should includerepparttar 134650 appropriate meta tags on each and every page. These tags need to give a description, copyright notice, author name, language and search keywords. In addition, it is a good idea to includerepparttar 134651 RSAC rating for content filters.

Include a descriptive title - Be sure and write a short, keyword heavy, very descriptive title for each page. Search engines rely on these titles in determining how to index your site. Be sure your title is accurate and honest as well.

Avoid lots of moving things - An occasional animation is great and can turn a boring page into an award winner, but don't go overboard. In general, more than one animation per page is excessive.

Don't change your visitors settings - Don't changerepparttar 134652 browser controls,repparttar 134653 window size orrepparttar 134654 cursor. Many surfers (myself included) get very annoyed when these things are changed - and annoyed web surfers tend to never come back. Two ofrepparttar 134655 worst offenses: changingrepparttar 134656 back function to do something other than go back torepparttar 134657 previous page and disablingrepparttar 134658 right click.

Graphics for the web: Animated GIF Format

Written by Richard Lowe

Oh, so you've seen cool websites with animations moving all overrepparttar place? You've seen balls bouncing, finger's pointing, women dancing and lots of other pictures moving onrepparttar 134642 screen while you surf. And now you want to make your own homepage or website come alive and move!

Cool. What you want is animated GIFs. A GIF is an image format which supports extremely good compression and looks very clear and sharp. In 1989, a standards committee addedrepparttar 134643 ability to include multiple frames (images) within a single GIF file. This standard became known as GIF89a. It's incredibly powerful as you can create some awesome effects withoutrepparttar 134644 learning curve associated with Java or Dynamic HTML. In addition, virtually all browsers support GIFs in all forms, while Java and Dynamic HTML support is sometimes lacking or turned of byrepparttar 134645 user (animation can also be turned off byrepparttar 134646 user, but at leastrepparttar 134647 unanimated version shows up in that case).

A good product to get if you want to do animation in this manner is Ulead's GIF Animator. Another excellent animation tool is Animation Shop from Jasc (the same folks who sell Paint Shop Pro). These products are both inexpensive and easy to use.

There are also many collections of animated GIFs available all overrepparttar 134648 place if you are not up torepparttar 134649 task of creating your own, or if you just want to give a cool beating heart or something like that.

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