Bridging the Sales Experience Gap – Part II

Written by Clive Miller

Bridgingrepparttar Sales Experience Gap – Part II

In part one of ‘Bridgingrepparttar 150192 Sales Experience Gap’ we discussedrepparttar 150193 Approach Strategy framework which describes four distinct styles of selling, dictated by complexity and value. Since beginning to userepparttar 150194 frameworks to explain how experienced sales people make decisions about sales situations, we have developed to a total of nineteen framework diagrams. You can viewrepparttar 150195 list at

The ‘Meeting Tactics’ framework

When you are face to face with a prospective customer, if you always userepparttar 150196 same style or method of communication, you are unlikely to be successful every time. Adapting forrepparttar 150197 person, their circumstances, and their attitude towards you is an essential part of achieving consistent success.

In part one of this series, we began with this question sent in by an overseas subscriber - “How do you teach young sales reps how to READrepparttar 150198 client, how to understand their personality and only providerepparttar 150199 information whenrepparttar 150200 client is OPEN to receiving it?” A framework that depictsrepparttar 150201 sales challenge and illustratesrepparttar 150202 options, offers an answer.

Searching out and articulating customer benefits is a natural thing to do in selling. If you can pile enough value on your side ofrepparttar 150203 equation, a favourable decision becomes inevitable, or so it would seem. Unfortunately this approach doesn’t always work. Rationality is inrepparttar 150204 eye ofrepparttar 150205 beholder.

If you really want something, you will be eager for any information that helps you justifyrepparttar 150206 acquisition of what you want. If you would like to own a Mercedes and feel you can’t afford one, you will lap up any scrap of an idea that suggests you can realise your dream.

Onrepparttar 150207 other hand, or on another day, you may be feeling differently. Perhaps you have just had to settle a flurry of bills, or have just sat through a budget cutting meeting. Your mind will be focussed on other priorities or worse, on reducing spending. Any number of circumstances can enhancerepparttar 150208 sceptic in you. When this isrepparttar 150209 case, you may denyrepparttar 150210 validity of evidence and use your creativity to block any pressure to act or spend.

SalesSense Meeting Tactics Framework Diagram

The diagram illustratesrepparttar 150211 importance of assessing a buyer’s attitude, before deciding how to managerepparttar 150212 meeting. Knowledge ofrepparttar 150213 buyer’s circumstances helps experienced sales people anticipaterepparttar 150214 level of welcome or scepticism they will face when meetingrepparttar 150215 buyer. Ability to assess rapport and read non verbal signals enables sales people to check their standing with a buyer.

Forward selling a highly sceptical buyer

This is unlikely to be effective. Sceptics will be suspicious of your questions and guarded in their response. They will assume that you are exaggerating, miss representing, or even lying aboutrepparttar 150216 product or solution you are proposing. As a result you will provoke a debate aboutrepparttar 150217 validity ofrepparttar 150218 information you discuss or present. Using traditional sales principles, you will be speaking about advantages and benefits usingrepparttar 150219 most positive terms you feel justifiable. This just makesrepparttar 150220 situation worse. The buyer uses his or her intelligence and creativity to prove that you are wrong. People who adopt an opposing position are rarely won over by a debate or argument – which is whatrepparttar 150221 engagement often becomes when traditional sales techniques are dashed on a barricade of scepticism.

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