Bridging the Gap: The Top 5 Fitness Secrets for Housewives and Athletes

Written by Aaron M. Potts, ISSA CFT

Why doesrepparttar title of this article mention Housewives and Athletes? Brace yourself forrepparttar 142546 answer: Becauserepparttar 142547 training protocols for both are exactlyrepparttar 142548 same!

"How can that be?" you ask. "Isrepparttar 142549 author of this article on drugs?" "How can an athlete and a housewife trainrepparttar 142550 same way?"

Here is your answer: Because each of them works diligently towards their respective goals usingrepparttar 142551 same time-proven training techniques that you are about to learn. The goals of an athlete may be different than those of a housewife, butrepparttar 142552 science behindrepparttar 142553 training program is exactlyrepparttar 142554 same.


If your goal was to bench pressrepparttar 142555 heaviest weight in history would it help you to take ballet classes? If your goal was to have a trim, toned body with a low level of bodyfat, would you get a lot out of Power Lifting classes with a squad of 350 lb athletes at 'Bruno's Iron Body Weightlifting Dungeon'?

The point is that you have to train for what you want out of your exercise program! Don't choose exercises out of a magazine just because they worked forrepparttar 142556 author of a particular article. Don't dorepparttar 142557 "classic" exercises atrepparttar 142558 gym just because everyone else is doing them.

Determine what your goal is, decide which exercises and which training programs will get you to your goal, and then just follow your program. This is pretty basic information, but you may be surprised by how many people just followrepparttar 142559 crowd, which will get you exactly nowhere.


Once you have your training program ready to go, you have to do it right! If your program calls for eight 30-second wind sprints in 5 minutes, guess what you have to do?

If your program calls for picture-perfect free weight squats, bench presses, or lunges, how should you do your free weight squats, bench presses, and lunges?

You have to get your training program from a reputable, trustworthy source, such a personal trainer, or a friend or family member who is in very good physical condition. Once you have determined that your source is qualified to tell you how many wind sprints to do, orrepparttar 142560 proper way to do lunges, then you need to do exactly that.

Too many people get "distracted" during their training sessions and just end up going throughrepparttar 142561 motions. During each and every exercise or activity, your form should be perfect, your concentration should be fierce, and your effort should be maximal.

Safeguard your health as well as your fitness goals by doing thingsrepparttar 142562 right way. You'll achieve maximum results, with minimal risk or wasted time.


How many sets of each exercise should you do? No doubt your favorite fitness magazine has instructed you at some point to do 3 sets of 12-15 repetitions. That is good advice in some instances, but not in ALL instances. Who came up with that number, anyway? The proper number of sets to perform of each activity depends onrepparttar 142563 activity itself, what your training goals are, and where you are at in your training program. 3 sets may be perfect inrepparttar 142564 beginning, but later on downrepparttar 142565 road, you may need more or less than that.

Spoiled Rotten: The Big 3 Reasons for Fitness Failure

Written by Aaron M. Potts, ISSA CFT

"I want it now, now, now!"

Does this sound likerepparttar mind-numbing rant of a spoiled 7-year old in a toy store? Sure it does, and if you've ever heard a similar dialogue from a child, then you understand instinctively thatrepparttar 142545 child in question is all too accustomed to getting their way.

However, it may come as a surprise to you that adults of all ages and from all walks of life exhibit very similar behavior on a regular basis - especially when it comes to physical fitness!

It today's age of medicines, technologies, supplements, and highly advanced exercise techniques, people have - quite mistakenly - been lead to believe that they can have their most highly desired fitness results RIGHT NOW.

Read below to learn how this mistaken philosophy is applied on a frequent basis when people practicerepparttar 142546 3 basic tools of fitness: Cardiovascular Training, Resistance Training, and Nutrition


You either don't watch TV or you don't read magazines if you've never seen an advertisement that shows some buff young girl or guy pounding out miles while running on a beach, or happily sweating profusely while cruising on an elliptical or enduring an intense Spinning class.

These young models always look extremely satisfied to be working their bodies so hard, and they also share one other common characteristic: they are already in shape! Have you ever seen a commercial for a gym or exercise device that showed a 5-foot, 300 lb person grinning from ear to ear?

This is a common example of howrepparttar 142547 media and fitness industry retailers promoterepparttar 142548 mass-confusion over cardio. The ads scream messages like, "Buy our pill, put on some sexy clothes while running onrepparttar 142549 beach, and you'll look just as good as our models do!"

Gym owners do it, too. "Join our gym now and we'll give you one month free! Just by joining and then attending our Award-Winning Spinning Class, you will look just like Cindy,repparttar 142550 Supermodel we hired to do our commercial!"

It's ridiculous howrepparttar 142551 "powers that be" portray cardiovascular exercise as some effortless activity that you can easily use to gainrepparttar 142552 body of your dreams just by purchasing their product or joining their facility.

The truth ofrepparttar 142553 matter is that cardiovascular training works. The additional truth ofrepparttar 142554 matter is that it can range from moderately to intensely difficult, and that it will take you weeks, months, or maybe even years of combining cardio with resistance training and proper nutrition to attainrepparttar 142555 body of your dreams.

Is that what you wanted to hear about cardio? Probably not, but it'srepparttar 142556 truth. If you think there is some shortcut to being buff, young, tan, and in complete control of your life, then you should go turn onrepparttar 142557 TV. There is a commercial on right now that is just waiting for you to call in your credit card number!


The hype surrounding resistance training isn't quite as appalling asrepparttar 142558 myths about cardiovascular training, but it still exists. Regardless of what you have seen, heard, or been taught,repparttar 142559 truth is this: everyone needs resistance training.

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