Bricks Of Egypt - Ancient Mystery Finally Solved

Written by David D. Deprice

Bricks Of Egypt

At its core, Bricks of Egypt is an Arkanoid clone, but it goes beyond replicatingrepparttar frequently imitated art of busting bricks to place a refreshing emphasis on creative level design.

Sure, there's a ball and paddle, but Arcade Labs layers these familiar basics with Egyptian-themed power-ups, bonuses and special challenges (such as hittingrepparttar 136835 water drops to extinguish fire bricks or striking keys to unlock new areas onrepparttar 136836 screen).

Clean your PC and Protect your Privacy

Written by Jason Frovich

We might not realise it, but everything we do on our computers create impressions and can be traced; even weeks, months and years afterwards. Documents we have read, letters we’ve written to friends and co-workers, pictures and film clips we’ve viewed, web sites we’ve visited etcetera.

If your computer is shared, sold, hacked or in any other way falls intorepparttar hands of others your privacy may be at risk. Today our computers are filled with information that it’s absolutely imperative to keep private; including access codes, credit card details, business secrets, and financial reports.

One other side effect of keeping all these files on your computer is that they use up valuable hard drive space, thus preventing you from saving those files you actually wish to keep, like films and photos. Filling your computer torepparttar 136756 brim with unnecessary information will also eventually slow downrepparttar 136757 systems’ overall performance.

The best way of securing your privacy and improve performance is by regularly cleaning your computer from all undesired and unnecessary files. Information is stored at several places all overrepparttar 136758 computer, including cache memory, cookies, history, recent documents list, and more. To be sure that you find and clean all these spots, it’s advisable to take advantage of one ofrepparttar 136759 so called ‘cleaning programs’ available to aid you with this. A good cleaning program should however not only delete files inrepparttar 136760 way you are able to do manually, but instead overwrite them with new information. Simply deleting files will not erase them from your hard disk; it only makes it a little trickier to retrieve them.

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