Breeze Through Airport Security

Written by Jed Clark

Duringrepparttar shake up a few years ago ofrepparttar 147683 airport security system, things got a little crazy and airport security went a little overboard confiscating toenail clippers and hair mousse. Thankfully those days of an overzealous security system are behind us and a cautious, careful and reasonable security system has take its place. With a little commonsense and preparation, you can reducerepparttar 147684 hassle andrepparttar 147685 time it takes you to get through airport security and get your flight off to a great start.

Like most things in life, a little preparation goes a long way. Preparation is especially helpful for a smooth move through airport security. Before you even pack your swim suit, do a little planning to make sure that items are packed appropriately for that little visit with security. A little commonsense applies. If you are traveling with anything that is a weapon or could be used as a weapon, pack it in your checked luggage.

Sharp-pointed metal scissors, pack 'em in a checked bag. Curved-tipped scissors are okay for carry-on. Despite some stories you may have heard from friends,repparttar 147686 following items are allowed in your carry-on luggage: knitting needles, toenail clippers, corkscrews, nail files, blunt-tipped scissors and safety razors. The most common personal item that is not allowed in checked or carry-on bags is a lighter. If you are a smoker, pack a few books of safety matches in your carry-on bag instead.

If you are traveling with a laptop, it must be inspected outside of your carry-on bag. So, you may want to label your laptop separately by taping a business card or other identifier torepparttar 147687 bottom.

Pack all of your valuables, laptop, camera and camcorder equipment in your carry-on bags. Camera film and equipment may be damaged byrepparttar 147688 checked-luggage screening and you want to keep your valuables in your personal care at all times.

Remember that checked luggage must be unlocked or locked with a TSA-recognized lock (a lock designed with a special code that security may use to inspectrepparttar 147689 contents of your bags). If you are packing gifts, don't wrap them until you get to your destination as security may have to inspect them. Reels in Travelers Who Prefer to Plan Ahead

Written by Marcy Sunday

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