Breeding Crayfish

Written by William Berg

Breeding Crayfish

By William Berg of Sweden, for

Inrepparttar text below I shall try to give a short overview of some ofrepparttar 125837 basics when breeding crayfish. Particular species may have other behaviours and demands. It should be said that my main experience as an aquarist is with relation to fish, but I shall try to convey what little knowledge I have.

Sexing Crayfish Sexing crayfish isn't always easy. The genital openings are located in different places onrepparttar 125838 body depending on whether it's a male or a female. Males have their genital openings behind/under their posterior pair of legs. Females have their genital openings underrepparttar 125839 third pair of legs counted fromrepparttar 125840 posterior. However, many individuals have a male as well as a female genital opening, makingrepparttar 125841 sexing much more complicated. But these are always either male or female; usually male but you can't be sure.

Mating and egg carrying In aquariums, spawning is possible any time of year. The male makes a little sperm packet and places it onrepparttar 125842 female's stomach. The female then spawns her eggs, passing them throughrepparttar 125843 sperm packet so thatrepparttar 125844 eggs get fertilized. It is not uncommon forrepparttar 125845 female to lose a claw during this process. She then placesrepparttar 125846 eggs under her tail where they will be kept until they are ready to be released. How long this will be depends onrepparttar 125847 water temperature andrepparttar 125848 species, but it will be at least 4 weeks. A lot of other factors can also affectrepparttar 125849 length ofrepparttar 125850 egg carrying period, such as water quality, and food supply and quality. The mother will watch overrepparttar 125851 young for a short time after birth.

Fry The fry are very small when they are born but are fully developed miniature crayfish. Fry are usually detritus feeders, which means that they will feed on any decomposing plant parts and food leftovers they can find while scouringrepparttar 125852 bottom. Vegetable food is preferred and they can be fed boiled lettuce leaves that are left to decay inrepparttar 125853 aquarium. Be aware ofrepparttar 125854 water quality. Fry are often very cannibalistic and a large aquarium is required if you want a higher number of fry to survive. Sorting fry for size may helprepparttar 125855 survival rate.

Three Steps to Reduce Holiday Stress for Your Kitty

Written by Nancy E. Wigal

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The annual holidays can be a very stressful time for your cat. This isrepparttar 125836 time ofrepparttar 125837 year when that strange tree goes up, bright trinkets are hung (but all your cat hears is ďNo, no, bad kitty!Ē when she tries to explore them), delicious food is prepared (cats need not apply to eat it!), and lots of strange people come tramping intorepparttar 125838 house.

Some cats are in their glory, being inrepparttar 125839 middle ofrepparttar 125840 tree decoration tradition, while others react to differences inrepparttar 125841 household by cowering in fear. Plus, ifrepparttar 125842 holidays stress you out (raise your hand if they donít;repparttar 125843 rest of us would like to know your secret), itíll be communicated to kitty, and she may react in kind. And sometimes that fear and stress manifests itself in your cat urinating outside her litter box.

Here are three steps you can do to reduce holiday stress for your cat.

First, keeprepparttar 125844 household changes to a minimum. Think about where you might putrepparttar 125845 Christmas tree. If you putrepparttar 125846 tree in a place that normally belongs to kitty, she could be mighty upset with you. Her reaction could range from hiding for days to urinating underneathrepparttar 125847 tree, if not trying to pull it down. Look for a location that pleases bothrepparttar 125848 human and animal population in your house. If thatís not possible, and knowing how cats can be, youíll have to settle for pleasing one orrepparttar 125849 other. My bet is itís whoever paysrepparttar 125850 bills.

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