Breathe new life into your half-dead website by using words that sell

Written by David Peterson

This article may come as a surprise to you.

Especially since it is written by a web designer. Let me explain......

Rescue Your Web Site from Boring Words and Poor Design.

The difference between a successful website design and a site that brings in zero or very little business is not how nicerepparttar graphics are, notrepparttar 108105 colors you choose. It's notrepparttar 108106 flashy animation, and it's not your precious company logo.

I'm not saying to remove these elements. Some of them are important. But they're mostly ego-driven. They are "me" messages, and have absolutely nothing to do with what you want your visitor to do.

And what is that you ask? The answer is of course. You want your visitors to buy something.

People who are considering doing business with you are only interested in one thing; "What's In It For Me?"

One ofrepparttar 108107 first steps toward a successful website is writing copy that tellsrepparttar 108108 reader what's in it for him, in a style that is easy to read.

Make More Cash

Study any website that makes money and I promise you'll seerepparttar 108109 following copy elements in place:

Inrepparttar 108110 main body copy,repparttar 108111 text color is always black with a white background, making it easy to read. This should be obvious, but it's amazing how many websites out there do not follow this very basic guideline.

Testimonials, and other secondary elements commonly use a contrasting font such as courier, courier new. The background in light blue, beige, or yellow shade to make it stand apart fromrepparttar 108112 white background ofrepparttar 108113 main body copy.

Verdana isrepparttar 108114 most widely used font for your body copy. This font was actually developed for use inrepparttar 108115 web. Times New Roman, Arial, and Georgiana are also popular. Never use more than two different font faces in your sales copy.

The use of yellow highlights, italics and bold font-style for emphasis.

Headlines and Subheads are usually a contrasting color fromrepparttar 108116 black body text. A shade of red, dark green and dark blue are good colors. However, do not use more than three or four different colors.

Sentence and paragraph font size is commonly between 8pt. and 12pt. Never smaller than that, and never bigger.

Headlines and sub headlines usually between 14pt. and 18pt.

Ten Tips for Writing Effective Web Copy

Written by Julia Hyde

Onrepparttar Internet programmers and designers rule, notrepparttar 108104 writer. Yet words drive targeted traffic to your site, carry content, makerepparttar 108105 sale, convey marketing messages, persuade people to buy and makerepparttar 108106 difference between your site’s success or failure.

Here are 10 tips for writing effective web copy:

1. Make sure content is easy to read

Inrepparttar 108107 online world, less is nearly always more. Write your copy forrepparttar 108108 impatient, online reader. Here are some guidelines forrepparttar 108109 length of your content:

Headings: 8 words or less Sentences: 15 – 20 words Paragraphs: 40 – 70 words

Page word count: 250+ words

Eliminate pompous words and fancy phrases. Effective online writing is not about impressingrepparttar 108110 reader with your extensive vocabulary. It’s about communicating. Use short, simple words. Get torepparttar 108111 point. And then stop.

2. Write from me to you

The most powerful word inrepparttar 108112 English language is “YOU”. Write for your reader, in a conversational tone, not for your ego.

Get to know your reader. Is there a common style or tone you need to use to reach her? Don't forget, she’s come to your Web site to do something—make a purchase, obtain information, sign up for a subscription. Make sure every word you write moves her toward a solution.

3. Drive Actions With Content

Content is about gettingrepparttar 108113 reader’s attention and keeping it. Content is about selling. Make sure your content is driving your customer’s actions. Then put that content on your home page.

4. Write for how people search

If you want your site to be found when people searchrepparttar 108114 web, use words your target readers use. Before you begin to write, sit down and think carefully aboutrepparttar 108115 keywords you’re going to use. Then carefully weave those words and phrases into your copy. Here’s two Web sites that will help you findrepparttar 108116 right keywords and phrases for your site.

1. Overture

2. Wordtracker

5. Create Effective Headings

The heading isrepparttar 108117 most important piece of content you’ll write.

That’s because:

1. Internet users scan read andrepparttar 108118 first thing they read is your heading. If it doesn’t grab their attention, they’ll leave. 2. An effective heading can used in title tags (more about this later). 3. The heading can be placed on your home page as a link to content.

When writing headings:

Keep them to eight words or less Include important keywords Avoidrepparttar 108119 use of adjectives and prepositions (and, a, the, of). Be clear and concise. Avoid wordy, wishy-washy phrases.

6. Write keyword-rich title tags

Title tags are a small piece of HTML code that appears inrepparttar 108120 top bar of your browser. “For example, “Acme Company Home Page.” Title tags, along with meta keywords and meta descriptions, are one of several important factors in achieving high search engine rankings.

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