Breastfeeding Your Baby while you work

Written by Janice Wee

I breastfed both my babies even though I had a demanding full time job. It is possible, but it requires a lot of effort. Determination. Willpower. And of course, a good breast pump.

I started breastfeeding my babies from birth. I was lucky. The hospital where I bore my first baby had a breastfeeding consultant. With her advice and support, I was able to overcome most ofrepparttar initial problems with breastfeeding. Things like engorgement, a few days after baby is born which leaves you with painful, rock hard breasts full of milk that wouldn't come out. Baby would suck but not be able to extractrepparttar 141745 milk and cry in hunger. Mom is left in pain and frustration. For that, hot towels, as hot as you can take, applied as compresses onrepparttar 141746 painful breasts as you massagerepparttar 141747 breasts for 15 minutes to soften it before offering baby his meal.

Once you and baby are finally happily settled in a breast feeding routine, for most of us working moms, it is time to go back to work. The hours of separation would meanrepparttar 141748 end of breastfeeding asrepparttar 141749 milk dries up.

A lactating mom's breast produces milk according torepparttar 141750 baby's needs. The more baby drinks,repparttar 141751 more you produce. Likewise, once baby stops drinking you soon stop producing milk. To prevent that from happening, every 4 hours, you have to express outrepparttar 141752 milk.

Baby Shower Invitation Cards

Written by Randy Wilson

Baby Shower Invitation Cards are a time saver forrepparttar hostess. It is also a good idea to have more invitations than you need. If you send invitations by mail, you want an envelope that stands out so that it doesn't look like junk mail.

How many guests to invite:
Usually you invite between 8 and 30 guests. The number would be determined by several things. One is where you are havingrepparttar 141702 baby shower. In a dining room, a backyard, a rented room. What type of guests you are having. Ladies, men, ladies and men, and/or children.

What type of Baby Shower Invitation Cards:
You can get free baby shower invitation ideas, purchase printable invitations, make a handmade baby shower invitation, create your own designs, send ecard invitations, handwritten, personalized, blank cards, baby shower invite, or use a baby shower invitation kit. For more links and ideas on invitations you can go to our pages, Free Printable Invitations or Baby Shower Invitations Free.

Where to get baby shower invitations ideas:
You can get your invitation ideas from old invitations, online, books, or magazine articles.

What styles of invitations to choose from:
You can choose from several different styles: Elegant, embossed, formal, trendy, simple, ornate, or wacky shower invitations.

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