Breast Enhancement - The Natural Way to Do It

Written by Rachelle Arlin Credo

Having a well-filled breast is almost every woman's dream. In a society like ours where having big breasts is adored and given such emphasis, it is not surprising that every flat-chested woman desires to be well-endowed. Various breast enhancement products have come torepparttar forefront that promise to give fuller breasts. But there's no proof that they really work. "If these estrogens were powerful enough to be effective,repparttar 141960 creams wouldn't be available overrepparttar 141961 counters," notes Seth Matarasso, M.D., an associate clinical professor of dermatology atrepparttar 141962 University of California, San Francisco. "No pill can safely increase your breast size," says Kelly Shanahan, ob/gyn and author of "Your Over-35 Week-by-Week Pregnancy Guide". While nothing short of surgery will make your boobs look like that of Pamela Anderson's, there are less invasive options that can make a difference. Here'srepparttar 141963 ultimate guide to beautiful breasts at any age.

1. Exercise

Okay, so exercise won't add inches to your breasts. Breasts are largely fatty tissue and there's no exercise to grow fat. But exercise can make your breasts sit higher and more even on your chest because it builds up pectoral muscles directly belowrepparttar 141964 breasts. This pushesrepparttar 141965 breasts outward giving themrepparttar 141966 appearance of being a bit larger. If you strengthen your back muscles, you can also improve your posture and make your chest look a hundred times better. Try to dorepparttar 141967 following exercise everyday to increase your breast size naturally and to firm them up:

a. The Push-ups: This will help keep your chest muscles firm and toned. To do this, put your hands and knees onrepparttar 141968 floor with your back flat. Align your hands with your bust. Bend your arms and lower yourself until your chest almost touchesrepparttar 141969 floor. Then push yourself back up torepparttar 141970 starting position. Hold this pose for a few seconds and then bend your arms again bringing your torso down a few inches torepparttar 141971 floor. Repeat this ten times. Onrepparttar 141972 second week, perform two full sets of ten repetitions. And onrepparttar 141973 third week thereafter, do three full sets every other day.

b. Modified Push-ups This is akin torepparttar 141974 push-ups mentioned earlier. The only difference is that instead ofrepparttar 141975 hands and knees onrepparttar 141976 floor,repparttar 141977 lower arms,repparttar 141978 elbows and toes are placed againstrepparttar 141979 floor. The torso is raised up but your lower arms and elbows and toes are kept onrepparttar 141980 floor.

c. The back extension Back extensions strengthen your upper and lower back muscles, thus improving posture. To do this, after each set of push-ups, lie facedown onrepparttar 141981 floor, lift one arm andrepparttar 141982 opposing leg a few inches straight inrepparttar 141983 air simultaneously, and hold on for a count of ten. Dorepparttar 141984 move twice on each side.

d. Bench Press: This isrepparttar 141985 best exercise for shaping and firming your bust line because aside from shaping and firmingrepparttar 141986 bust line, it also sculptsrepparttar 141987 shoulders and tightensrepparttar 141988 triceps. To perform this exercise, lie flat on a bench, with one foot on each side ofrepparttar 141989 bench touchingrepparttar 141990 floor. Firmly press your head, shoulders, back and butt onrepparttar 141991 bench while sticking up your chest. Keeprepparttar 141992 dumbbells about 18-20 inches apart and parallel torepparttar 141993 floor with your palms facing upwards. Slowly pushrepparttar 141994 dumbbells straight up, away from your chest. Fully extend your arms but don't lock your elbows when arms are fully extended. The dumbbells should now be approximately a few feet above your chest. Pause slightly atrepparttar 141995 top ofrepparttar 141996 movement then slowly lowerrepparttar 141997 dumbbells back down torepparttar 141998 starting position. Inhale and hold your breath as you lowerrepparttar 141999 dumbbells. When they reachrepparttar 142000 chest, begin to moverepparttar 142001 weight upward again. Exhale as you passrepparttar 142002 point of greatest resistance. Repeat this 8 to 12 times to complete one set. You can perform about 1 to 3 sets at a session and about 3 sessions per week with a day's rest between sessions.

Denim Is Big This Season - Dress It Up Or Down

Written by Sher Matsen

For all you denim lovers, like myself, this isrepparttar season for you to shine. Denim is big this season. Denim has become a fashion statement of its own. No longer are we limited to boot cut, low rise, or relaxed fit jeans. It has come into its own - we can have denim hats, tops, belts, skirts, and even shoes. So wear denim withrepparttar 141921 attitude it deserves.

Many celebrities are really utilizing denim - they're dressing it up with embroidery, lace, fur, jewelry, accessories. What everrepparttar 141922 heart desires. Dark denim, light denim, stone washed denim, colored denim - all good to go this season!

The gals can dress it up with pearls,repparttar 141923 guys with a tie. Crystal or rhinestone jewelry will make you dazzling! Add some long fun beads, a chunky necklace, or an armful of bangles. Don't forget to accessorize. Add a hat, a belt, or how about suspenders just for kicks. Add a fitted blazer to that denim skirt, add some heals to your favorite pair of jeans. Try a pair ofrepparttar 141924 ever popular wedge shoes with any of your denim items.

For women with small waists and wider hips Joe's jeans has a new jean line called "Honey Jeans" They are designed so they don't gape atrepparttar 141925 waist. They accomplish this by making a two part waist band which give them more of a curve. Low rise jean that truly fitsrepparttar 141926 feminine form. Check them out. They run around $148.00 a pair and can be found online.

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